Sourwood Tree Seedlings - TN Nursery
Sourwood Tree Seedlings

Quantity: 10 Plants, Size: 6-12'', Ships: Fall 2024

Sourwood Tree Seedlings - TN Nursery
Sourwood Tree Seedlings - TN Nursery
Sourwood Tree Seedlings - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

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Art S.
High success rate with sourwood seedlings

I purchased 10 seedlings in March. I received 13 bare root plants with very few feeder roots but healthy and chunky main roots. I planted them immediately upon arrival. As Spring wore on, eight of them leafed out quickly. Now in early May, I notice new growth emerging at ground level from all but one of the five that **** leaf out immediately. So, even if that one seedling ultimately fails, I already have 12 healthy plants. Moral: Don't give up too soon on your bare root seedlings! I am very happy and have already placed another order with TN Nursery.

David Stapp
Sourwood saplings

Received the saplings in good condition and fairly quickly. They were packed very well. Can't wait to see them grow.

Winfridus Bakker
12 Sourwood tree seedlings

Received them on March 20-2024 in good shape and well packed with all roots with good humidity. I asked what was best, to plant them in 3 gallon pots the 1st year or plant them immediately in the permanent spot on my honey bee farm and I had a quick reply on that question. Thanks a lot. My 1st batch of 23 Tulip Poplar trees bought in 2022-2023 are doing excellent. Your products are to be recommended.

Nick Dwyer
Great looking trees!

I ordered 100 Sourwood seedlings and they all looked great!

Richard crowell