Evening Primrose

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Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose: Primula vulgaris, or evening primrose, is an excellent way to attract nighttime pollinator species to your garden. This plant takes its name from its unique behavior--the flowers close during the morning and early afternoon and unfurl their color in the late afternoon, evening, and overnight.

Although well-suited to the United States, the evening primrose originated in the Mediterranean countries in Asia, north Africa, and Europe.

The self-seeding, hardy perennial is a common plant, but you might know it by several other names, including these:

  • Evening star
  • Common primrose
  • Common evening primrose
  • Fever plant
  • Sundrop

The evening primrose has a pleasant, lemony-sweet floral aroma. As they open up at the end of the day, the movement sends delicate wafts of unmistakable fragrance in the breeze.

Evening Primrose Is Versatile and Easy to Grow

During the daytime, evening primrose makes a beautiful green border plant (they stay relatively low), ground cover, or ornamental species.

During the evening, the flowers attract nighttime moths; it attracts early morning bees before it closes for the day.

Evening primrose grows well in the full sun or filtered sunshine and thrives in most USDA growing zones.

Evening primrose is a good-natured species, requiring nothing but full or partial sunshine, well-amended soil, and twice annual fertilizing (spring and fall). TN Nursery suggests autumn mulching for gardeners in colder zones.

Evening primrose is relatively drought-tolerant; during extended periods of no rainfall, you might need to give it a long drink of water every few days.

The Appearance of Primula vulgaris

Evening primrose leaves and stems are a lovely dark green. The stems are upright, and the individual leaves are long, pleasantly symmetrical, and slender.

But it's the primrose flowers that steal the show. The flowers are small but beautiful. Each of the five petals has a lovely oval shape with a rounded margin; they grow to form a cup shape. The color is a beautiful whisper of pink, so delicate that the blooms appear airbrushed.

Evening Primrose is for sale at TN Nursery

Evening primrose will add interest to your garden, putting on a show for your evening entertainment and attracting nighttime pollinators. Order yours today.

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