Jack In The Pulpit

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Jack In The Pulpit - Arisaema triphyllum

Jack in the Pulpit is a spring-blooming woodland native perennial that adds an interesting texture to the garden. Its distinctive hooded blooms add an exotic touch, while its fern-like foliage adds texture and color throughout the growing season. When properly planted and located, these perennials are practically carefree and will return year after year with minimal effort.

With beautiful blooms, foliage, and color that will last throughout the changing seasons, it's no wonder why so many gardeners choose Jack in the Pulpit as their go-to plant! Add this special touch to your garden today!

 Discover the beauty of Jack in the Pulpit now and experience wild style all year long!


Jack in the Pulpit: Arisaema triphyllum, or Jack in the Pulpit, has a unique look that intrigues and appeals to your garden.

The North American species is an herbaceous perennial. It originated in the wet woodlands of the United States from New England, across the Great Lakes to the plains and south as far as Florida. Gardeners use it today in shade gardens in almost every USDA growing zone. 

When TN Nursery customers ask for something unique for a profoundly shaded area with heavy moisture, we recommend Jack in the Pulpit. It loves high-moisture soil with rich organic content, thriving with almost no assistance. 

Other Names for Arisaema triphyllum 

Jack in the Pulpit has several other common names, including these: 

  • Bog onion
  • Brown dragon
  • Devil's ear
  • Dragon root
  • Indian Cradle
  • Indian Jack in the Pulpit
  • Indian Turnip
  • Jack-in-the-pulpit
  • Lady-in-a-chaise
  • Lord-and-Lady
  • Memory root
  • Parson-in-the-Pulpit
  • Pepper turnip
  • Starch wort
  • Three-leaved Indian turnip
  • Wake robin
  • Wild turnip 

Many names, yes; but they all refer to the same plant. 

The Unique Appearance of Jack in the Pulpit 

Jack in the Pulpit takes its name from two of its parts. The spadix or spike is the "Jack"; the leaves for a sheath around it--the "Pulpit." 

This woodland wildflower grows to a mature height of one to two feet. Although this plant is tolerant in cold areas, the unique plant has an almost tropical look. 

Jack-in-the-pulpit has one to two green or green-and-purple leaves originating near Jack's base. Each leaf divides into three similarly-sized leaflets. They fold over to create an umbrella-like shape.

At the top of the spike, the flowers emerge--abundant, petite, purple or red blossoms that show off their colors in the early to mid spring. 

Order Your Jack in the Pulpit From TN Nursery Today 

Jack in the Pulpit is a distinct plant, probably unlike most others you already have--order yours from TN Nursery today. 

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