Hickory Nut Tree

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Hickory Nut Tree

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Hickory Nut Tree

$25.99 $34.99 -26% OFF


Now May


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 Discover the hardwood wonder of hickory trees!

 Hickory trees (Carya ovata) are unique. Not only are they hard, durable, and easy to work with, but their wood has a unique grain pattern and warm, earthy hue that adds a rustic charm to any project. Their resistance to rot and insects makes them one of the best choices for outdoor furniture, and they act as excellent sound absorbers indoors.

 Bring the natural beauty of hickory into your projects. Hickory is the perfect addition to your home or garden with its exceptional strength and stylish looks. Whether you’re creating furniture or flooring, hickory will give your home a unique touch that stands out from the rest.

The shell of the nuts can be challenging, but the nuts inside are delicious. Hickories are used in the production of smoking meats and are good firewood. Hickory trees clean the air and produce edible nuts.

Hickories produce valuable fruit as food, produce healthy oil from seeds, clean the air, and provide excellent firewood. Hickory trees are hardwoods that hold up well for furniture or other construction needs with their tough wood. They grow anywhere from 20-40 feet tall. You can find hickories in any climate zone because they adapt to different environments. Do you want to make sure your house lasts for generations? Make it with Hickory! 

Hickory wood is dense and durable so you can rely on it! This miracle tree grows anywhere from

Hickory Nut Trees are a Squirrel's Main Food Source

It would help if you had some Hickory hardwood for your next furniture project. If you're looking to replace, upholster, or refinish your furniture, then Hickory is the perfect wood for you. It is known for its extreme hardness and durability, which means it won't easily warp or scratch—even with heavy use. Hickory wood is expensive and difficult to find, so you'll have to drive yourself out of town to get it. Don't waste time traveling all over town; order online and have your Hickory wood delivered right to your door!

Order Hickory Nut Trees online today and receive a discount!

There are many uses for this tree, and landscaping is the greatest idea of all. If you have an open space in your backyard, you can plant a hickory tree. If you want to make some furniture or if you need firewood, Hickory is a good choice! If you want to produce meat with a unique flavor, go ahead and try barbecuing it with hickory wood!

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Paul Nimmoms
Carya ovata

Is it really Carya ovata ( Shagbark hickory)?

David Bellis

Hickory Nut Tree 3-4'

Thanks for the 5-star review, David. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.

Excellent Trees

The Hickory nut trees were is excellent condition and the packaging was great also. Very satisfied with them.