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Ground Cover Grab Bag 

Ground Cover Grab Bag: TN Nursery is proud to offer a ground cover grab bag that will give each customer the chance to have a horticulturist assess which plants will best suit your needs, according to your growing USDA zone. 

Our specialists will hand-curate your order and delight you with an array of 25 plants that will be easy to plant and maintain. We specialize in hardy, healthy species that are generally agreeable and thrive in many conditions.

Benefits of a Ground Cover Grab Bag

Planting ground cover plants can ensure you have a low-maintenance garden. It also provides several earth-friendly advantages. Consider these: 

  • Ground cover helps minimize soil erosion, especially in parts of the yard where you cannot get anything to grow. When you find the right ground cover plant, you help lessen the impact of soil erosion stemming from wind and rapid water runoff.
  • Ground cover plants help to provide foliage that ground birds need for nesting and hatching their young. Your ground cover grab bag will help them hide from predatory species.
  • Planting thick, dense groundcover plants helps to eliminate weeds without the need for manual weeding or chemical sprays that can harm healthy plant cells. 

Ground Cover Grab Bag information 

The ground cover grab bag can include a variety of species. Our horticultural specialist will review your growing zone and needs to create a perfectly customized package.

Some items might include: 

  • Ornamental grasses (Sedgegrass, Carex pensylvanica)
  • Ferns (walking fern)
  • Moss (Cushion moss, peat moss, fan clubmoss)
  • Woody vines (Virginia creeper, English ivy)
  • Perennial flowers (Creeping phlox, evening primrose, ragwort, bugleweed) 

TN Nursery has hundreds of vigorous plant species from which we will choose the best ground cover plants--just for YOU. 

Ground Cover Grab Bag (25 Plants) is available at TN Nursery Today 

If you are ready to be delighted and surprised, order your groundcover grab bag today--we are eager to select your plants with love and care.

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