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March April


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White Trillium

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White Trillium



March April


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 White Trillium  - A Spring Blooming Perennial 

 White Trillium Grandiflorium is a vibrant, long-lasting perennial plant is perfect for adding color to any outdoor space. White Trillium Grandiflorium blooms in early spring and grows beautiful white flowers with green foliage. It's easy to care for and is drought tolerant, making it an excellent pick for low-maintenance gardening.

 Bring your garden to life with White Trillium Grandiflorium! This stunning perennial will make your outdoor space look stunning in the spring, and its low-maintenance care will save you time and stress when maintaining your garden.

 Start creating a more beautiful garden today — get your own White Trillium Grandiflorium Perennial Plant now!

White Trillium: TN Nursery customers who need a partial shade plant that will grow into the coldest regions of the United States often fall in love with Trillium grandiflorum, or the great white trillium. 

Great white trillium is a tall native species with an impressive white flower, drought-tolerant and cold-tolerant. It reliably emerges in the spring every year, even in unhospitable climates that are too brutally cold for other species. However, the adaptable plant also thrives in hotter climates.

Early explorers and settlers noted many trillium species, including the grandiflorum, from the cold of New England to the southeast. It's an excellent selection for semi-shade in almost every USDA growing zone. 

The Just-Right Size 

height of two to three feet. It makes a beautiful plant for the middle row of a border garden, adding early spring blossoms.

The rich green leaves are oval with an elongated spear tip. They grow as long as six inches and form on the plant in attractive whorls. This foliage provides a shady retreat for small mammals, birds, and insects.

The bright white flowers have three petals, hence their name. The petals overlap at their bases and can grow as big as four inches each, creating a noticeably large and showy flower in the middle of spring. 

The flowers bear small red or burgundy berries to nourish small animals in your garden’s ecosystem but are unfit for human consumption. 

 White Trillium in Your Landscape 

As a forest native, great white trillium would ideally love a partially shaded spot in your garden. You should amend the soil with woody materials about twice a year. Think hardwood mulch, peat moss, shredded leaves, or compost. At the end of the season, those in colder USDA zones should provide a cozy layer of rich organic matter.

If you create those conditions, great white trillium will not demand much more.

Use it as a border specimen in your shade garden or any spot too shady for grass. Some TN Nursery customers use trillium to fill in steep, shaded banks to avoid the need for lawn care in those tricky spots. 

Order You're  White Trillium From TN Nursery Today 

white trillium is one of nature's perfect plants, adaptable to any shady or partially shady location. Order yours from TN Nursery today. 

Customer Reviews

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Beverly Vollmer
First experience

I recently placed my first order with
TN Nursery. Plants were shipped, packed &labeled, received within a week. The worm castings the plants were packed in was my first clue this is an exceptional company. Plants very healthy, I planted
Immediately. Three days later they all have new leaves and appear to be healthy. I will be ordering again soon. 5 stars*****

Dear Beverly, taking the time to leave such a great review about our plants, has really made our day at TN Nursery! We always aim to delight our customers with our customer service and our attention to detail. We are looking forward to making your day once more when you shop with us again.


Great White Trillium

Thanks for the 5-star review, Stacy. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.

Carl Baker

happy with beautiful plant condition, packaging and lowest price.


I thought I would get one tuber, but there were multiple tubers in various sizes. All firm and healthy . I cant wait to see them on bloom,.

Wes Bevans
rotted trillium start. dont know which one as I had unskilled worker plant them.

rotted trillium start. dont know which one as I had unskilled worker plant them.