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"Carolina" American Holly Ilex Opaca Foster Holly Ilex x attenuata 

Foster Holly: Ilex x attenuata, or the Foster holly, is a popular North American native evergreen tree originating in the southeastern United States wooded regions. It is a native species of northern Florida, where it enjoys wooded areas with high moisture-content soil. However, it grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9 today. 

The Foster holly is a sturdy tree and averages twenty feet when mature. Some call it a "topal holly," as the branches start higher on the trunk than on most hollies, exposing the stump and lending itself to topiary shaping.

 Despite the elegant appearance of this species, it has a robust temperament and is resistant to deer damage, minor saltwater flooding, and disease. TN Nursery suggests this tree for anyone who wants a classic evergreen but lives in a tidal area and might see occasional saltwater in their yards after storms. 

Foster Holly Welcomes Birds and Wildlife to Your Yard

Foster holly stays green all year long, providing a haven for your local wildlife. Here are a few visitors you might see if you plant one: 

  • Birds: Birdwatchers love this tree because it's a year-round blessing for their feathered friends. They build their nests in their sturdy branches because the green foliage gives them the perfect cover. The half-inch red berries emerge in the fall and last into the winter, feeding them during the coldest weeks.
  • Bees: Foster holly has tiny, almost insignificant, creamy white flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. They will enjoy the nectar and pollinate your flowers in return for the meal.
  • Squirrels: On the hottest summertime afternoons, you might see young squirrels scrambling up and down this tree--they will use the densely-packed shady foliage to escape the heat. 

Foster Holly Adds Bright Red Color in the Fall and Winter

When the rest of your plants are ready for winter dormancy, the Foster holly retains its glossy, dark green, leafy covering. But it also adds true red berries to the landscape in the late autumn--the berries remain on the tree through the winter months. Any that remain by spring (if the birds have not feasted on them) drop to the ground and will reproduce. 

Order Your Foster Holly From TN Nursery

TN Nursery has seventy years of horticultural expertise, growing the healthiest bare-root plants. Order your Foster holly today.

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