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Oxeye Daisy

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Oxeye Daisy



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Oxeye Daisy - Discover the beauty of Yellow and White Flowers

 The oxeye daisy plant is easily recognizable with its bright yellow and white petals that sparkle in the sunlight. It is a hardy and colorful flower, making it an ideal choice for gardens requiring little maintenance. Plus, it's a perennial flower that will return year after year for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Bring vibrant color to your garden with the oxeye daisy plant! It's perfect for creating a cheerful atmosphere and will provide you with years of seasonal beauty. Start planting oxeye daisies today and enjoy their bright blooms for many years!

 Leucanthemum vulgare, the oxeye daisy or marguerite daisy, is a customer favorite at TN Nursery. They are an easy-care, classic beauty that can add character to any garden setting.

A native to Europe, the oxeye daisy arrived in the United States centuries ago. Today, they are as expected in the American landscape as many native species. 

This hardy perennial flower thrives in most USDA growing zones in the contiguous United States. It prefers a mixture of sun and shade but tolerates full sunshine if you don't mind watering it. 

Oxeye Daisy Resists Common Garden Issues

Leucanthemum vulgare is an easy-going plant resisting many common garden challenges. 

  • Deer resistant: Deer present a challenge to many gardeners. However, they seem to find the floral aroma of the oxeye daisy a little too fragrant and will prefer to forage elsewhere.
  • Rabbit resistant: Rabbits are the bane of many gardens. Like deer, bunnies have sensitive noses and seem deterred by the fragrance the oxeye daisy emits.
  • Drought resistant: Leucanthemum vulgare likes moist soil but can also tolerate short periods of dry or hot weather. During these times, you can keep your watering efforts to about an inch a week. 

Oxeye Daisy Is a Tall Classic Flower 

Plant oxeye daisies in clumps to create height in your border, flower beds, in mass plantings near a home's foundation, or in a water garden. Oxeye daisy is almost carefree and happy to call nearly any partially sunny spot home. It blooms in the middle of summer. 

The stems and flowers can grow as high as three feet, and clumps can measure about two to three feet. The leaves are sturdy and erect, reaching high toward the sun. Leaves are green, narrow, and thin. They grow thicker near the bottom of the plant. 

Profuse disc-shaped rays of petals comprise the head of the flower. The signature angelic white and sunny yellow center make it a popular option for floral arranging. 

The scent is floral with a spicy note, pleasing and not overpowering. 

Order Your Oxeye Daisy From TN Nursery Today 

TN Nursery suggests an oxeye daisy for people who want a taller flower that loves the sun and is valuable in many landscaping applications. Order yours today.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gabriel Miller

The plant looks afresh and packaging was nice.

Rotten roots
Great experience lol

They delete bad reviews. Don’t buy from them. Everything is bad . Rotten roots, poor plants and they don’t give money back

Bradley Middleton
Good looking daisies

I ordered 3 of these and I have to say love the root system on these very healthy looking

Grew up and bloomed great

I grew these for the bloom and they grew up and bloomed great I have lots of daisy tea to make though the winter.

G L Christiansen
Shasta Daisy

Arrived well packaged with instructions. Appears to be very healthy.