Ponderosa Pine Tree

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Latin Name- Pinus Hardy Planting Zone-3-7 Mature Height- 60-100 Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Little or Plenty of Sunshine
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Ponderosa Pine Tree

Ponderosa Pine, also known as Pinus ponderosa, Bull Pine, Blackjack Pine, or Western Yellow Pine is a substantial pine of variable surroundings. It is native to the western US and Canada. It is the most broadly developing pine in North America. This tree can be found from British Columbia to 16 states South of there. It is the official state tree of Montana and was originally founded in 1826 in Washington when David Douglas misidentified it as the Red Pine. In 1829, he renamed it the Ponderosa Pine because of its overwhelming timber.  They thrive when they are planted in moist soils that are well drained but can also grow in dry soil conditions.  These trees have large trunks and long limbs and need lots of room to branch out and grow to become healthy.   This tree is amazing and adds wonderful color and remains green throughout the entire year.  This tree is also great to bring all types of small wildlife such as squirrels to an area and also brings a variety of birds.  The trees are thick, and the birds love to construct their nest in them for protection.The ponderosa pine is a large species of pine that is sometimes called the bull pine or blackjack pine. It has a heavy wood and distinctive bark appearance. Mature pines have bark colors between yellow and orange red. The bark is formed as large plates with dark crevices. Young ponderosa pines have a black to brown colored bark. There are several subspecies of ponderosa pine and they can be identified primarily by their needles. The scent of a ponderosa pine is usually described as turpentine, which is due to dominant terpenes. Ponderosa pines can get quite large at well over 200 feet. It is the second tallest pine. Though they occur naturally in the wild, they can easily be used in gardens and parks.






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