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Peat Moss $9.99 Description

Peat Moss Sphagnum

Peat Moss is the quality and consistency of the topsoil during plantation and seed-starting activities.

Gardeners initially lay hands on this moss in the middle of the 1900s. This plant is a dead fibrous substance that occurs in peat bogs after this plant and other live things degrade. Many of such soil bogs are present in Canada's wetlands.

These bogs are generated when organic materials partially disintegrate over a significant period. Due to water within those bogs, anaerobic situations are maintained, preventing the entire decomposition.

As a result, the plant is nearly preserved for an indefinite time. The contrast between this plant and backyard compost seems that the former is primarily moss. It has a superb ability to efficiently regulate water and retain nutrients that might otherwise drain out of the soil.

Also, the decomposition occurs without the ambient atmosphere, decreasing the decomposition rate. This plant belongs to the same group as Sphagnum moss. That is widely present in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Peat Moss, sphagnum is used as a medium in moisture-rich products, also

On the other hand, compost is a preferable option for crops like slightly alkaline soil. One layer of this moss lasts over several years. Because it does not compact or breaks down conveniently.

In contrast to badly processed compost, the moss does not contain hazardous microbes or weed seeds. The potting mix, soils, and seedling starting media contain this moss as a vital ingredient. It can retain moisture or water and release it to the plant roots.

The moss species also keeps onto nutrients. Thus, preventing them from being washed out of the earth when the plant is watered. It relaxes the soil structure and promotes permeability in clay and heavy soils that compress readily.

They help plant roots retain water and nutrients in sandy soil. It is frequently used in the 2:1 ratio. Add one portion of this plant to two portions of the earth's soil. They are excellent for soil-less plant cultures as in hydroponic cultures.

Its antimicrobial properties naturally protect the seeds from germs and fungi. It also has superior drainage, oxygenation, delicate texture, and low fertile content, making it suitable for germination. The water holding capacity is excellent. 

Buy this plant to enhance the growth of different plants. It not only enriches the soil. But make them survive in drought conditions as well.

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    Posted by Leah Evans on Jan 13, 2022

    Healthy plant received. Happy Customer heres

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    Peat Moss

    Posted by Bobby Jones on Aug 21, 2019

    Moss arrived packed very neatly and also had planting instructions. It is growing very well Thank you for your excellent product.


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