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Our most popular and best-selling perennials
We all want gardens that look beautiful and are easy to maintain. And while annual ‘potted color’ may look nice, it’s both high-maintenance during the growing season, and it has to be replanted every year. Perennials, on the other hand, last much longer and once established, they usually have lower maintenance requirements. So check out our range of best-selling and most popular perennials and start injecting some long-lasting, low-maintenance color into your garden today.

Best-selling perennials for your zone
Have you ever found yourself desperately wanting to take advantage of a plant deal but unable to do so because the plants don’t suit your area? Well, you don’t have to worry about that here. We have lots of perennials to suit zones 3-11, and we offer low grower prices on every one of our plants so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal.

But more than that, when you buy a plant from this page, you’ll know you’re purchasing the most popular and best-selling perennials that we stock. So you can be confident that your new plants will look great and be of the highest quality. After all, they’re our best-selling plants because our customers keep coming back for more of them.

Pro tip:
Underplant your new perennials with a living mulch to protect their roots, stave off weeds and help maintain adequate soil moisture. We’ve got a vast range of ground cover plants to complement our perennials.

So if you want to grab an excellent deal on a new perennial plant for your garden, all our best-selling perennials look great, require little maintenance and will reward you with garden beauty for many years to come. Buy yours today from just $4.49.