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Mosses That Work Well In Shade
Wet, dark areas of a lawn and yard can be made lush and vibrant through the use of shade-loving mosses. Planting a few of these mosses that work well in the shade will help clear up bare patches and beautify difficult areas.

Carpet Moss

Also called sheet moss, carpet moss is natural to transplant and grow. Its full appearance creates a textural contrast with taller plants. This type of moss grows well on acidic, rocky soils that are full of wood-type debris. It is a fast-growing moss and is hardy from Zone 5 through Zone 9.

Cushion Moss

Cushion moss is a friendly-looking, light green, clumping moss with a long lifespan. Since the plant can live for years, it is one of the taller clumping mosses and is capable of reaching heights above 2 inches. It can achieve these heights when planted in Zone 3 through Zone 11. It can be placed along walkways and borders and flourishes in shady areas with rocky, sandy, or clay-based acidic soils.

Fern Moss

Fern moss is an evergreen moss featuring dark to light green frond-like foliage. The plant adds elegance to borders and a lush appearance even during colder months. Hardy from Zone 3 through Zone 11, fern moss thrives in moist, acidic soils or sandstone and logs. The moss' stalks grow to heights of 4.5 centimeters.

Hair Cap Moss

This fast-growing moss does well in areas with partial sun and moist, sandy and acidic soils. The moss is excellent for use between paving stones and other walking spaces as it can withstand light foot traffic. With dark color and dense texture, hair cap moss is a sturdy moss that performs well as a filler for lawns and a remedy for bare patches. It can reach heights of 6 inches and is hardy from Zone 3 through Zone 9.