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Garden Moss $9.99 Description

Garden Moss 

Garden moss is a simple plant that can quickly grow anywhere and anytime.

These are tiny plants having no flowers or fruits. Most mosses are shade-loving and do not need direct sunlight to grow well. They are often found near water bodies, woods, dead or alive trees, and hillsides.

The tiny leaves are attached to stems and branches and are mostly rounded around the stems. The color of the stem and leaves may vary from one type to another and are always of green to brown colors. Here are some most common characteristics among all shade garden mosses,

Garden Moss is great for areas where nothing else will grow

These plants are classified into two groups, i.e., acrocarpous and pleurocarpous. Acrocarpous mosses have erect and vertical growth, whereas pleurocarpous grow horizontally. Several types of these plants have minor differences in their characteristics and growth nature. Some of the most common moss plants are as below.

Cap Moss

It is one of the types of acrocarpus, and its most common species is Polytrichum commune (Hair cap moss). The stem of the moss grows vertically straight, gaining a height of around 2 feet. Many tiny, bright green leaves arise from the brown stem.

It thrives in damp and acidic soil more than in alkaline. It is grown in full sun or partial shade and is drought tolerant.

Rock Cap Moss

It is botanically named Dicranum scoparium, and they love to grow on rocks in dense forests and shady areas. The moss requires no such specific land to grow well and can be grown on dry and infertile soils.

The green color plant can make a beautiful pathway for a landscape design as it spreads naturally like a green mat.

Cushion Moss

It is an acrocarpous moss known as pincushion moss (Leucobryum glaucum) and white moss. It prefers acidic and moist soils and can absorb water and survive dry circumstances effortlessly.

They can grow up to 1-5 inches in height and look like grass moss garden cushions. It is a shade garden moss with clumps of green-grey leaves that need full shade or partial light to grow. It grows by spores naturally in the presence of wind.

They are the most drought tolerant among all the mosses.

Fern Moss

Like other mosses, fern mosses are also wet and acidic soil lovers. They are very low-maintenance plants and only need moist soil and shady areas to grow healthy. It is also commonly called sheet moss, delicate fern moss (Thuidium delicatulum), and many more.

The sheet moss can grow up to 2 feet, and it has a shallow root system. With the help of rhizoids, the plant attaches to any surface, causing proper plant growth. The triangular leaves of the moss have a range of colors from bright green, yellowish-green, dark green, and brownish-orange.

These were the most common shade garden mosses. Some of the types are edible for humans, and you can also use them to make moss, milkshakes, or any other eatables. Many others are also used as herbivores on animal diets.

They can smoothly beautify a dull home garden with bright colors and incredible growth. They are also used in making ground covers and will quickly put up with foot traffic.

Carpet moss

 This moss provides excellent shade. It is dense so that no light can get through the plant. This type of moss comes in a deep green layer. It is so dense that it looks like a carpet when it grows in nature. That is often found in decaying areas in nature. For use at home, this moss can go well in marine areas and grow well around ponds that may be part of the landscape plan.

 Sheet Moss

 This moss is part of the carpet moss family and is thick. This moss often forms a thick sheet of green on the area where it has been laid. This kit is often used to make flower arrangements stand out. The deep green color looks great next to other flowers. It can be used as an accent, and this moss will help provide shade to the ground that it is placed on.

Shade Garden Moss is versatile, and they grow low to the ground.

 Cushion Moss

 This type of moss grows in green clumps. People may have noticed this moss growing in clumps. It thickens and is dense. When the clumps of moss grow together, it can provide a lot of shade for the land. The moss leaves are much shorter than other types, suitable for those who want the moss to remain close to the ground.

All of these mosses will provide shade. They are versatile, and they grow low to the ground. These mosses are easy to grow and have a high success rate in many areas. When growing this moss, it is best to have a heavily shaded area.

Suppose a person has a yard that has a lot of shade. The moss can give them a green look that they may be missing. This moss can also grow in areas with partial sunlight. 

Moss will allow a yard to have some color. It will shade specific plants that like to grow, and the moss can look great in any yard. Moss is a great accent and can be a great touch to the yard.

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    Posted by Stella Weber on Jan 13, 2022

    Plant is fresh, good condtion

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    Posted by Leah on Sep 19, 2020


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    Posted by Alice Jones on Jun 09, 2020

    Although it took a long time to get here, when it arrived it was beautiful!

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    Garden Moss

    Posted by Randy Jones on Aug 21, 2019

    This is growing great around my waterfall. Just stunning.

  • 5
    Product Quality - Garden moss

    Posted by rggdolly on Jun 04, 2019

    Moss arrived looking healthy and ready to grow. I am a first time "mosser" so we will see if I can keep it alive. The quality appeared excellent and plants appeared to be of strong growth. I placed it in a damp shady area. If it grows as easily as it was to plant, I will be in love with it.


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