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Moss plants

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 Carpet Moss:

The carpet moss will spread horizontally and mainly is used to provide ground cover.Feather Moss: The feather moss is known to grow well on low rocks, logs, and stumps. It is also used as a very attractive ground cover that offers a hint yellow and green. Cushion Moss: The cushion moss grows very think and lush which grows very well in shaded areas. Upright Moss: The upright moss grows in a parallel way and also stems out in a vertical position, which causes an evergreen looking appearance. All the mosses in this collection include all we sell but you do want to plant it in the best places for proper growth. Moss grows very well in dark shaded areas that have a very moist conditions. The mosses in this collection include all we sell and provides you with information on where to plant the moss. You can plant moss in your lawn for ground cover, use in your garden, along with rocks if you live by water or a lake and so much more. There are hundreds of uses that moss can make to make ones landscaping very beautiful and attractive.Moss can look light or dark green and sometimes has a little hint of yellow, grey or brown, depending on the type of moss that you have.The hardiness zones can be obtained while you are in the process of purchasing your moss, you will always want to make sure that you pick on the right type for your geographical area in which you live.

Moss rocks

This is typically found growing on top of the rocks in the wild. This moss does well in the shady areas on top of cliffs. These rocks with moss on them will grow in the shaded areas, but they are prone to turning a brownish yellow following a transplant. When this plant receives direct sunlight, they will become brown. During early spring or late fall, you can grow this moss in the shady areas and transplant them when the leaves are on the trees. These are perfect for creating a beautiful environment as these have been used for many years, and these plants have a lot to offer you.

This is very easy to grow as it lasts for the whole year, and it makes a great ground cover. This is used in gardens, water features, and landscape walls, as this is harvested from quarries. These are harvested in blocks, and these are chopped up in many sizes. Your moss will develop on rocks that are adequately maintained. This is something to construct an outdoor garden or retaining walls. This has a rustic character to the landscape as this varies in color, patterns, or the size of the rocks. These come in three sizes and four colors as they will look well in groups.

You should water these weekly with rain water for the best results. You should mist these with a spray bottle, and you should not use any fertilizer. Bright indirect sunlight is recommended, and you should keep this out of direct sunlight. We offer natural stone that creates lasting beauty as you plant a garden. We offer rocks with moss on them for your landscaping needs.


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