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Moss grows different ways in different places

Moss is a beautiful landscaping plant. It looks lush and green, is easy to grow and easy to maintain and pairs well with any plant that likes the same conditions. So ‘where can I find live moss for sale near me?’ I hear you ask — no matter where you live in the US, you can find a fantastic deal on moss in our online store.

Moss has many different forms for purchasing

Sheet moss is a popular choice, which you just lay down to cover the space you want to beautify. Our smallest packs of sheet moss cover five square feet.
We also sell moss-covered rocks. As with our sheet moss, each pack of moss-covered rocks fills a five-square-foot area.
If you’ve never grown moss before, our moss-covered rocks are a great choice. As the moss is already attached to the stones, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your moss will stay where you want it. Choose your location and layout your rocks. It’s that easy!

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Moss for sun

Many people don’t realize that moss can grow in sunny locations just as well as it does in the shade. If you’d love to grow some moss in a bright spot in your garden, then check out our range of sun-loving moss. And why not pair it with some sun-loving ferns.

Moss for your zone depends on the climate and environment

Have you found yourself asking ‘where I can buy live moss for my zone?’ when searching for the perfect moss for your garden? Well, it doesn’t matter which zone you garden in if your garden is located in the US, we have a variety of moss that will thrive in your USDA hardiness zone. Find live moss for your area here:

Moss for your terrarium

Are you building a gorgeous little terrarium? Moss is a fantastic addition to almost any terrarium, and we’ve got two items you’re going to love if a terrarium is on your to-do list.

If you’ve got your terrarium all planned out and you need to buy live moss, then our terrarium moss is precisely what you need. If you’re not yet sure what you want to plant in your terrarium, buy our terrarium kit now and pick out some cute little animals or other figurines while you await delivery.

Terrariums look great in any home or office. They’re also a fantastic present for kids and as school science projects. Be aware though; if there’s more than one child in your life, they’ll all want their terrarium so make sure you buy one for each child now.