Maple Trees

Maple Trees

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November 1st Through April 15th

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Maple Tree: Acer Ligno

Appropriately named according to the distinct shape of its ornamental leaves. The maple tree has beautiful bright green leaves until the coming of fall; then they change to a variation of red, orange and yellow. They make a great addition to any landscape. It is a rapidly growing tree that can reach heights of five feet within the first year of growth. Adult males can grow an astounding thirty-three to over one hundred forty-eight feet tall. They are hearty trees that will grow in any environment and can be planted in full or partial sunlight. Maple trees don't fare well in soil with an alkaline level over 7.3. However, these trees thrive in sandy or clay soil types. Maples are a popular choice for many families, providing just the right amount of shade for lounging under. These fantastic trees arrive in the consumer with their roots bared, keeping it in tip-top shape.

Maple tree or Acer was initially found in Asia but has made its way to North America, and is now found all over the 50 states.

There are over 128 individual species of Maple. They can easily survive drought, floods, snow, ice, and high winds. Maple trees are a long-lived tree, easily living up to 200 years or more. These trees are favored by landscapers and gardeners as they require very little maintenance and are drought resistant. They also add a gorgeous splash of color in the fall when the leaves change to brilliant colors. They have the bonus of created vast amounts of shade to your yard. Depending on the type of Maple, the leaves come in dark or light green, red, yellow, or orange hues. The leaves on a Maple tree are distinctive, having three, five, or seven lobes and ranging in a multitude of colors. All Maples have a fruit called samaras. The samaras are winged seeds that fall and twirl to the ground once they ripen. Maple trees do best in loose, sandy, moist soil. The soil has to be loose to give the Maple room to grow its roots deep to anchor the tree. These trees attract a multitude of birds and squirrels or chipmunks who like to play in the tree's branches. This tree is an asset to any yard, and will only add appeal.

Maple Trees are shipped to the consumer in their bare root form, so they arrive in the best condition possible.