Live Moss Decor

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Live Moss Decor

From HGTV, moss is the door staple in the farmhouse for 2022-2023. TN Nursery has a great selection of premium mosses we use in our centerpieces, and it's alive too. Clean the air right inside your home with our bio indicator mosses.


Tn Nurseries Best Selling Live Moss Decor


1. Reindeer Live Moss Decor

2. Terrarium Moss Kit

3. Topiary Moss


Live Moss Decor and Centerpieces From the Source

We are a moss supplier. These luxury mosses are the #1 fad for 2022. Buy elsewhere and pay $220-300 for a display of fresh moss or moss rocks for interior displays. At Tn Nursery, we are always ahead of the competition and offer our customers superior quality, freshly harvested moss displays for pennies on the dollar compared to resellers and people that sell online at marketplaces. We supply most moss in the country because we can get fresh moss by truckloads and ship it to our customers.  


Live moss decor can enhance any table top

We have a limited supply of moss centerpieces and decor, but we will try our absolute best to sell as many as we can supply. So hurry, order 1-10, give these luxury gifts to family members, and let them search online for "live moss centerpieces" or look at what the leading retailers are charging. Astronomical prices. We are the direct source and offer our customers first dibs at real deals.


Live moss decor is available online at Tn Nursery

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