Live Moss Decor

Live Moss Decor


Live moss decor is one of the hottest trends in farmhouse, boho, and shabby chic decor. This trend has been hot for the past year and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.


Turn on any home design reality show and see for yourself. Almost every show ends with a "reveal" of a newly decorated home. You'll notice quickly how almost every makeover includes a green plant to add an organic feel--more often than not, moss.


Houseplants are fantastic for helping cleanse the air and to create a peaceful feeling. However, many are also notoriously difficult to keep alive. However, the opposite is true with moss! It requires little attention other than a bit of water now and then. You can forget about it in a dark corner of the room, and it will continue to thrive.


Some customers also use live moss decor to decorate their reptile or snake tanks. As an ancient plant species, they are particularly well-suited to a lizard terrarium.


Live Moss Decor Options With TN Nursery


TN Nursery offers customers the following three options for live moss decor:


  •        Reindeer Live Moss Bowl: For a casual, natural, but very attractive look, try our reindeer moss live bowl. Reindeer moss is a species that thrives in the coldest of zones. And that's appropriate, as the leaves of this moss form a pattern that looks a lot like reindeer antlers. The juxtaposition with the moss is intriguing when you see it in a sleek, contemporary dish. This offering includes the bowl and the moss. You can tuck in some lovely succulents for height--it will still be an easy-care piece.
  •        Mood Moss Bowl: Our mood moss bowl is another beautiful option. Mood moss is one of our top-selling mosses. It does not need particular soil, care, or attention--just a sip of water every once in a while. It takes all its nutrients from the air, leaving you off the hook for plant care. Mood moss is a lovely rich green; the bowl is sleek, modern, and white. When you combine them, it makes a beautiful impact.
  •        Terrarium Garden Kit: The TN Nursery terrarium garden kit is a hand-curated assortment of moss collected from the hills surrounding our central Tennessee nursery. We collect a surprisingly attractive array of mosses, lichen, mushrooms, pine cones, or other interesting items to display in a terrarium garden.


TN Nursery Will Exceed Your Expectation With Our Healthy, Fresh Live Moss Decor


If you want the best live moss decor, you have found the right place. TN Nursery will dig your moss and ship it out fresh.


1. Reindeer Live Moss Decor

2. Terrarium Moss Kit

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