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Lady Fern 5 For $17.99 Description

Lady Fern 

Lady Fern — Athyrium filix-Femina — is a good fern native to damp woodland environments throughout North America that can reach up to five feet tall in optimal conditions. It is prized for its delicate, ethereal foliage and low-maintenance properties. It thrives in moist shade conditions in formal and informal gardens, although it's also a remarkably resilient plant with various uses in the home landscape.

Often used near water features, this humidity-loving fern can be used either as a specimen plant or massed together for a lush, natural appearance. Its finely-textured foliage provides an airy, lacy effect ideal for those seeking to create an enchanted garden look like the kind found in fairytales and old folklore stories.

The fresh, bright green of its graceful fronds makes this desirable in areas that receive dappled sunlight and sparkle in places where the light touches them. When planted in the right location, it naturalizes and provides years of beauty with little maintenance. It needs to be sited carefully to put on its best performance. Loamy, well-drained soil with plenty of nutritious organic matter is a must — this plant may languish and develop root rot if its roots are constantly exposed to overly soggy soils.

Amending soils with organic compost is recommended before planting, and like most fern plants, it likes slightly acidic soil. Working in a bit of poultry grit helps keep clay soils from becoming waterlogged.

These plants are beautiful species of fern known for their feathery textured leaves. They are a lovely shade of pale green with an intricate gold lacy pattern on the outer side of their leaves. They are perennials, so they are a long-time investment in beautifying your yard, and you won't have to worry about replanting them next year. They grow to about two to five feet high, and each plant can run up to three feet in length. While it can survive in sunny, dry climates, this US native would make the perfect addition to a dimly lit, damp patch of garden and thrives in a moist environment. 

This lovely plant is straightforward to take care of, and with a lot of patient love, it can produce a nice colony of Lady Ferns. They are also pretty low maintenance and do not struggle with insect or disease issues. Plant your Ferns in a damp, dimly lit environment that has plenty of porous soil, and watch them grow!

They would be a perfect addition to a rock garden, near a small body of water or shaded area of your garden. While their growing speed is relatively slow, the bloom will be well worth the wait.

They are just what your garden needs to add an extra burst of color in shady areas to break up shades of brown and gray, so invest in a beauty like this, and you won't regret it.

Lady Fern Naturalizes and Provides Years of Emerald-Green Beauty

Compared to other plants native to temperate rainforests, it is relatively tolerant of temporary dry conditions. Generally, it doesn't need any added water during the summer months — although a good soaking may be in order if the plants begin to droop during heat waves and prolonged periods without rain noticeably.

Providing overhead misting on dry days helps keep its fronds lush and green. As a bonus, it doesn't suffer sunburn and turns an unappealing shade of brown like many other fern plants when sited in an area that receives several hours of direct sun daily. It also makes an excellent specimen plant in outdoor raised containers and an excellent groundcover on the north sides of homes and other buildings.

Also, it is an excellent option for creative gardeners who like to create a whimsical woodland ambiance in their outdoor living spaces. Other possibilities for this woodland jewel include naturalizing under mature trees and as foundation plantings to offer a welcoming note of lush, emerald-green to the outside of any home.

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Reviews (18)

  • 3
    Lady Fern

    Posted by Connie DeVille on Mar 11, 2019

    Package arrived earlier than expected. Flat rate shipping box was hap-hazardly taped and not completely closed. There was no packing material in the box. Plants were in a ziplock bag with the name of the product written outside of it. Roots look to be in great shape. One piece of paper was included showing a pic of what the shipped product looks like when it arrives and after it starts growing. There were no directions for planting. How deep? How far apart? On the fence about reordering from this supplier. Also, WAY too many emails are sent advert products, sales, etc.

  • 4
    Name fits

    Posted by Kierra Admas on Mar 30, 2017

    The name truly fits because it just flows well and looks good when growing.

  • 5
    Lady fern

    Posted by Winifred Hinkley on May 29, 2020

    It came as a bear root as they said and was in good condition when it arrived.

  • 5
    Lady Fern

    Posted by Barry McCollough on Aug 26, 2019

    Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.

  • 5
    Lady Fern

    Posted by Jason Pearson on Aug 22, 2019

    i just love these

  • 5
    Fern lover

    Posted by Mosha on Mar 31, 2017

    I love my ferns and did not have one of these. I do now and I couldnt be happier

  • 5
    Very elegant

    Posted by Rayleen Simonds on Mar 30, 2017

    This plant grows very neatly and compact

  • 5
    The best gift

    Posted by Andrew Simpson on Mar 28, 2017

    I gave this fern as a gift and now I am placing an order for myself.

  • 5
    Growing near my pond

    Posted by Fran on May 09, 2016

    This plant is growing around and near my pond and it looks wonderful! The shade is a good fit for it!


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