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Hydrangeas grow to be full beautiful shrubs

Are you wondering where to buy affordable hydrangeas online? You’re in the right place. We have the blue-pink varieties that most people are familiar with and we also stock a number of beautiful white varieties. Many of our hydrangeas are also fragrant.

Hydrangeas produce stunning blue, pink, and white flowers

When most of us think of hydrangeas, we think of the beautiful, showy blue and pink hydrangeas. Many gardeners know these colors can occur on the same plant and that soil pH has something to do with whether the flowers end up being blue or pink. What relatively few gardeners realize is that it’s actually the number of available aluminum ions in the soil that determines whether the classic hydrangea’s flowers are blue or pink.

In acidic soil, aluminum ions are mobile and can interact with the normally pink pigment in hydrangea flowers turning them blue. When soil becomes neutral or alkaline (when the pH goes above 7) the aluminum ions instead bind to hydroxide ions in the soil and the hydrangea flower pigment remains pink, causing the flowers to look pink.

Our classic blue-pink hydrangeas grow well in full sun and shady positions and are hardy in zones 4-9.

Hydrangeas are a marvelous accent to any landscape

In addition to our classic blue-pink hydrangeas, we also stock several white hydrangeas. These bloom over the warmer months and some are hardy down to zone 3. These remain white regardless of the number of available aluminum ions in the soil.

Pro tip:

If your hydrangeas turn pink when you plant them and you want them to turn blue, check the soil (or planting medium) pH. If the pH is acidic, you’ll need to add an acidifying agent that contains aluminum such as aluminum sulfate. If it’s alkaline, acidifying the soil should be enough to alter the color but it’s still best to use aluminum sulfate or another acid that contains aluminum.

So if you want affordable hydrangeas, we stock a range of classic blue-pink and beautiful white varieties. Buy your new favorite hydrangeas now for as little as $14.99 for two shrubs.