Ground Cover Garden Package

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Plants In Package:
10 Pink Phlox Plants, 10 Blue Phlox Plants, 10 English Ivy Plants, 10 Partridge berry Plants, 10 Periwinkle Plants

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Ground Cover Gardening Package

Ground Cover Garden Package, like pink phlox plants, blue phlox plants, English ivy plants, partridge berry plants and periwinkle plants, do well in sunlight. Ground covering plants protect topsoil from erosion and drought. Plant ground covering plants on hillsides or in areas where you can't use a weedeater or mower.

Ground Cover Garden Package contains: 10 Pink Phlox Plants, 10 Blue Phlox Plants, 10 English Ivy Plants, 10 Partridge berry Plants, 10 Periwinkle Plants

Pink Phlox

Pink Phlox can be used for beautiful pink foliage cover. It offers its small green and pink flowers for a great look. For best results, it is a good idea to plant the bulbs in mid to early Spring. The pretty flowers give a beautiful accent to flower beds, hillsides, and any landscaping project. The plant requires minimal maintenance and will bloom for months. The bright pink tiny flowers are an abundance of color that will brighten up any place. You can use the Pink Phlox in or around rock gardens, and it will drape over any edging to give it a full bright accent. The plant will get up to six inches and spread up to two feet. It is not a fast growing plant and will require little pruning or maintenance. The Pink Phlox offers a bright, and beautiful attraction.

Blue Phlox

Blue Phlox is a herbaceous perennial in the Polemoniaceae family. It has fragrant, flat clusters of lavender, pink, violet, or blue flowers which are approximately 1.5 inches wide. The broad leaves begin at the base of the stem and have hairy, sticky stems. Commonly found in wooded areas, fields, and along streams in the midwestern US, the plant blooms in April and May and prefers partial to full shade. Landscaping uses include naturalized areas and as ground cover, or use in rock or wildflower gardens, as borders, or in native plant gardens. Phlox acts as a short-rooted cover for bulbs planted in the early spring. This plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and repels deer.

English Ivy Vine

English Ivy Vine has been used a traditional ground cover for use under trees as they can grow well in the shade. They have a vigorous and dense growth habit and can be used to effectively crowd out weeds as well as providing soil erosion control on slopes. The English Ivy Vine stays green throughout the year, with dark green and waxy leaves. If you allow your Ivy Vine to grow vertically, then it will mature to produce small clusters during the fall. It also produces non-edible fruits that are dark blue to black that develops in the spring, carrying four to five seeds. The English Ivy Vine is the perfect choice for an arbor or creeping ground cover under trees, offering a touch of rustic beauty to any yard.

Partridge Berry

The most attractive woodland creeper with highly ornamental foliage in the closely related species is the Partridge Berry. These plants are located in North America or Japan belonging to the madder family Rubiaceae. These plants rarely reproduce themselves living alongside the stream banks and sandy slopes. This plant has a dark green, shiny leaf that has an oval shape carrying a pale yellow color. This type of plant is located in a naturally rich, moisture area, that is well-drained, and situated in a shady spot. Where it cultivate from its ornamental red berries and shiny green foliage that the plants have been widely collected for Christmas decorations that have impacted many people to manage these plants throughout the United States.


Vinca better known as Periwinkle is a great plant, it is one of the few flowers that are both heat and drought tolerant. Since they are drought tolerant, that makes them perfect for hot, dry regions. Periwinkles grow easy, they require very little to no attention. Periwinkles also grow for up to 30 years. They reseed themselves each year, with no effort from the 'grower'or 'Gardner.' This flower is known by three names: Vinca, Periwinkle, and Myrtle. Botanists will tell you that there is also a separate strain or variety of Periwinkle. The beautiful plants are native to North America, Europe, China, and India. These plants grow for their attractive glossy, green foliage, as well as its gorgeous flowers. The plant's flowers bloom all during the summer, will survive up until the first frost. Common colors of the flowers themselves include white, rose, pink, and red. Periwinkles are commonly used for garden borders, edging, and ground cover and bedding plants. These plants typically grow to be 1-2 feet tall. Periwinkles are an awesome choice for beginner gardener's again they are low maintenance and require little attention if any attention at all. Ground Cover Garden Package

Ground Cover Garden Package