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Ferns: Best Sellers Are: You might not know where to start if you want the best possible plants for your home or office garden. One of the best options is to develop a strong foundation for your garden by taking a closer look at your zone.

1. Maidenhair Fern

2. Ostrich Fern

3. Glade Fern

4. Walking Fern

5. Sensitive Fern


 For example, you may be located in zone 9, which provides plenty of options that will grow well. What are a few examples of ferns you may want to consider? If you are looking for ferns for zone 9, it would be our pleasure to assist you. We are Tennessee Nursery. Please take a look at our alternative below!


Fern #1 - Maidenhair Fern

One of the first options you might want to consider is the Maidenhair fern. As the name says, the leaves on this plant look like a fair maiden's hair when fully grown. It is light green as the leaves protrude from a central area. Even though this plant can be a bit of a diva for growth conditions, it likes moist areas. It is located near streams, creek beds, and ponds. Consider this choice if you are looking for something different for your garden.


Fern #2 - Ostrich Fern

Another one of the top ferns for zone 9 you may want to include in your garden is the Ostrich fern. The leaves of this plant look like an ostrich when fully grown. It grows well when surrounded by rocks and moist soil and gets plenty of sunlight. It has a beautiful light green color from the leaves sticking up from the ground. The leaves are fragile. This plant will grow well in various conditions, so it will probably work well for your garden.


Fern #3- Walking Fern

Finally, take a look at the Walking fern. This is a fern that grows relatively quickly. It is unique because of the stripes that can be seen on its leaves. It will gradually creep across the entire floor of your garden, making this an excellent foundation for your specific location. It has a beautiful dark green hue to it. It just requires moist soil, a bit of water, and occasional sunlight. If you need a low-maintenance plant for your home or office garden, consider going with the Walking fern.

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