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Evergreens are known as lush trees that continuously produce leaves, when they shed, it’s not by much and not all at the same time. This plant offers a variety of types, including plants and shrubs ideal for landscaping. We take pride in offering the best selections of trees and plants to meet your needs, along with recommendations and advice to ensure they last for years to come.

When landscaping, having the right plants and trees that complement the region you are in and the look makes a difference. There are many benefits to landscaping, such as preservation of your carbon footprint, managing the pollution of soil, cleaner air, cooling areas, water management, sustainability, protecting structures, adding value to the landscaped area.

Evergreen Plant and tree advantages in landscaping

Our Northern Privet plants are one of our specialties. This is a dense plant, also known as a shrub, that withstands high heat. It is used for hedges and landscaping due to its growth ability. In some areas, private plants can grow up to 10-feet tall. Known for blossoming white flowers in the spring, this plant is ideal because it adapts to most climates. Once planted, it needs little maintenance.

Evergreen Pines

We also specialize in pine trees. Our pines include the Loblolly Pine, Virginia Pine, Pitch Pine, Eastern Cedar, and the Shortleaf Pine. Each one is a unique look that can work in different environments. Learn more:


The Loblolly pine is one of our trees that is tall in stature. Also called the North Carolina or Arkansas pine, you’ll find long, thin green-yellow or dark green needles on the branches with scaly bark as its trademark. The tree also bears brown, prickly cones that are between 3 and t6 inches. You’ll usually find this tree up north along the wetlands or rivers. This pine tree is considered high in value for wood, used for timber, mulch, and pulp. The Loblolly also grows from 70 to 90 feet tall and can be grown in areas not native to the tree. These trees can live for over a couple of centuries. It’s sold as yellow pine, with many uses.

Most people don’t realize this tree provides products such as paper, lumber, crates, fence posts, and plywood. Versatile, fast-growing, and useful, they are also used to provide privacy in landscaping. Many consider this the premier pine in the U.S.

Virginia Pine

This conifer is beautiful in nature and is often used for landscaping large areas. Common along the East Coast, they are also used as Christmas trees in the south. These trees range from 15 to 40 feet high. Before they mature, it has a pyramid shape until it matures. As the tree gets older, the limbs get longer, but the branches may have a rugged appearance.

Virginia pine is also called the scrub pine because of the way it looks. It is also called a Jersey pine because the trees usually grow in the area around New Jersey and in New York. This tree bears cones and comes in groups of two or four. Other tree selections we feature include the Eastern Cedar Tree, which is one of the most widely distributed trees in the U.S. Also known as the Eastern Red Cedar Tree, the tree is considered a pioneer in the tree industry. This tree is used to provide privacy and can be easily planted in the sun or shade. Many different types of soil can also be used when growing.

The Pitch Pine reaches about 40 feet high, but in the right conditions, it can be found to be over 100 feet tall. This tree is native to eastern Canada and the northern U.S. states. These thrive when planted during the springtime. These trees take between 20 and 30 years to mature. 2-inch cones are produced by the Pitch Pine tree, but they usually stay on the tree for many years. The Shortleaf Pine Tree is a slender and attractive plant that can grow up to 100 feet. The branches on the tree are slender, with needles on the branches. In the spring, the tree blooms with flowers.

It is also called the Short straw Pine and Southern Yellow Pine. It is very popular for creating pulpwood and timber. With the ability to grow in different types of soil, it is versatile. The needles are 2.5 to 4 inches long and come in clusters of two, whereas the Loblolly’s clusters come in groups of three. The Shortleaf pine is also used for plywood veneer, paper, and framing on doors or windows and is resistant to the ice at cold temperatures.

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Shrubs - Evergreens

These are a must-have in any garden. It doesn't matter where you plan to have your garden or live. They give color, dimension, and privacy all year long and food and shelter for different wildlife and birds. They come in various sizes and shapes, with colors of green varying from darkest emerald to radiant golden-green. Several types can withstand extreme heat and cold. They are easy-to-growing and require no to minimal maintenance once established. There are different hardiness zones for growth, and you should select the plants that grow best in your area.

Characteristics of Evergreen Plants
  • Grow in Harsh Conditions

There is frequently a deficiency of nutrients in locations that experience cold or dry periods, but they can adapt to harsh conditions.

  • Tolerate Nutrient Deficiency

Deciduous trees need a lot of nutrients while they produce new foliage in the spring season, but that is not the case with these trees. They don't require as much since they don't give out enough energy at once. Because these trees don't develop all of the foliage at once. As a result, they can often withstand a harsh season that a deciduous tree would not be able to.

  • Insulated Leaves

The leaves of the plants have insulation layering. This keeps them protected against different conditions, and thus they survive for a long time in forests and gardens.

  • Dead Leaves as Organic Mulch

The nutrient-rich leaves work as natural mulch, protecting the tree's roots after falling. This mulch prevents other vegetation from leaching nutrients and moisture from the soil, enabling the tree to take advantage of all available supplies.

  • Beauty

Although they lack the beauty of altering leaves' color, the never-ending greenery of such trees has its charm in the middle of winter, serving as a reminder of life's perseverance.

  • Good for Environment

These trees not only offer enough oxygen for more than 18 people per acre, but they also clean the air, conserve water, and minimize soil erosion.

Best Evergreen Plants

Here are some of the top evergreens that are worth buying for you:

  1. Cedar Tree

These magnificent evergreens are local to most of the United States and several parts of Canada. Such trees create a stunning spectacle with deep reddish-brown stems and beautiful leaves speckled with blueberry-like fruit cones. They bloom throughout the winter and expand at a steady rate of up to 24 inches annually, with a total height of 30 to 60 feet. They are solid and long-lived trees, with some reaching 700 years in age.

  1. Eastern Cedar Tree

Eastern Cedar Trees are also coniferous trees that have increased and lived for 500 years. These are not genuine cedars, despite their name. It thrives in most soils and spreads quickly from seedlings, making it an excellent first responder in abandoned fields. Until they are fully mature, they can reach a maximum of 40 to 50 feet beside a width of 2 feet. If you plant them in well-drained soil, this medium-to-fast-growing plant can reach a height of over 8 feet in just five years.

  1. Loblolly Pine Tree

The Loblolly Pine is a resident of the United States' southeast region. Since these trees are most commonly found in lowlands or marshy locations, they are named Loblolly. Commercial decorative plants of the tree are in high demand. Furthermore, its wood is of exceptional quality. It thrives in full sun and damps soils. The height ranges from 60 to 90 feet. This tree is resistant to a variety of diseases as well as drought. So many people prefer its beauty in their gardens for this reason.

  1. Northern Privet

It is a fast-growing evergreen hedge in America with beautiful dark green foliage that looks fresh and energetic. The privet blossoms with glossy green leaves and white flowers mostly in early spring, attracting bees and other creatures to the garden. It grows pyramidal and tolerates a wide range of soils and climates. Privet hedge is a dense evergreen plant thriving in zones 4 through 9.

  1. Pitch Pine Tree

Pitch pines are a medium-sized pine variety. The tree's origin is Eastern North America. This pine thrives in acidic, sandy, and even nutrient-poor environments. Its cones, strangely, tend to persist on the stems for two years. Their knots were also employed as torches by early Americans. Pitch pine can grow to be 40-70 feet tall.

  1. Shortleaf Pine Tree

This tree is the hardiest and most flexible option. The tree blooms in February and March. Their flowers are yellow. During its first 10-15 years, the average growth of the Shortleaf Yellow Pine Tree usually is moderate but becomes fast later on. The Shortleaf Yellow Pine Tree can grow 50 to 100 feet tall in its lifetime.

  1. Virginia Pine Tree

It's a gymnosperm tree that thrives in shady areas. You can use these trees as barriers, naturalize forest areas. They're skinny plants with little aesthetic appeal, and as they grow older, they twist and bend. The long fibers are superb for producing wood pulp. Their average height is 15-40 feet. For landscaping, these are an excellent choice.


These plants and shrubs are worth buying for starting new gardens. They stay for an extended period, and many of them produce cones, flowers, and fruits. They are fresh and appealing to the eyes. Several garden insects and pollinators attract to them and preserve wildlife. Tn Nursery has a wide range of evergreens that are just a click away. You can avail the opportunity of getting all such plants among a variety of others from us. Our collection is for everyone, and you can select different plants as per your growing conditions.


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