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Evergreen Vines Stay Lush & Green Year Round

Evergreen vine favorites include vinca minor, Periwinkle, English Ivy, and Partridgeberry plants. Evergreen climbers stay lush and green year round. They are great for fences, porches and anywhere you want a vine to climb.


Tn Nurseries Best Selling Evergreen Vines

1. English Ivy

2. Periwinkle

3. Ajuga

4. Wintercreeper

5. Virginia Creepers


Evergreen Vines offers Year Round Beauty and Lush Greenery. 


Evergreen vines can create a living mulch ground cover, and climbing vines can be used to hide utility areas and provide additional privacy. We even have a range of plants with flowers that will add a splash of vibrant color to your garden. 

Evergreen vines are good climbing vines to cover unwanted spaces.

Have you got an ugly space you want to hide? Perhaps you don't want your compost area to be visible. Or do you have nosey neighbors you want to protect from? If that resonates, then evergreen climbing vines are for you. Just provide some support, say a trellis, and plant your new evergreen plant at the base, then watch as the plant fills the support, quickly creating an attractive screen.


Fast-growing evergreen vines

If you want a plant that will rapidly fill an area, then English ivy is a fantastic choice as it's one of the fastest-growing vines. The periwinkle vine is an excellent choice if you prefer a fast-growing plant that produces colorful flowers. We've got standard periwinkle plants, vinca minor Periwinkle, and more magnificent periwinkle plants, all at $4.99 each.


And speaking of vines, the Periwinkle isn't your only choice. We've got a vast range of plants with flowers in several colors, including the lovely pink Mayflower. Plants can be purchased directly for your zone. Because we source planting stock from across the country, we sell plants to suit almost every US hardiness zone. Our plants will thrive down to region three and up to area 10. 

So if you want to grab a significant deal on vines, we have a vast range of fast-growing plants. Buy yours now for just $4.99.


The Beauty of Evergreen Ground covers

For many reasons, our plants are great for landscaping. However, these plants are unique because they are easy to maintain. However, these plants retain their natural foliage throughout the year. Furthermore, planting these plants provides excellent shade in the summer heat, these vines look great on a trellis, and these plants offer excellent cover for small or big game animals.

These plants are beautiful plants that can provide you with shade during the summer weather. Similarly, the colorful blooms will warm your neighbors and friends. Furthermore, imagine having a barbeque or a picnic, and you have no shade. Growing these plants will provide you with the tone that you need. During hotter temperatures, your friends and family can still enjoy the comfort of being outdoors. Also, many people grow them around their homes to keep down on their electricity bills. These plants are more commonly grown on a trellis to give your yard a magical touch.


Big Leaf Periwinkle

Native to the Western Mediterranean, the Big Leaf Periwinkle is an effective and efficient ground cover. It features broad hairless leaves and bold blue or purple pinwheel flowers about the size of an American quarter. This evergreen to semi-evergreen plant is easy to grow, spreads quickly, and thrives equally well in the sun or deep shade. This drought-resistant plant is ideal for covering large sloped areas and other problem spots and boasts glossy elliptical, triangular, or heart-shaped leaves.


Ajuga Reptans


An unsurpassed ground cover, Ajuga reptans, or bugleweed, spreads out into thick mats of purple, bronze, deep green, red cream white, and pink leaves that are topped by whorled blue, violet, pink or white flowers in the late spring and early summer. The plant is beautiful, suppresses weeds, and can substitute for a grass lawn. Bugleweed varieties can thrive in full sun to full shade.



Bugleweed prefers well-drained soil that's evenly moist, full of humus and compost, and drains well, though it can tolerate soil that's on the dry side. The gardener should avoid land that's heavy and soggy. Though it does well in deep shade, planting bugleweed in a place that gets sunlight for at least a few hours a day will bring out the delightful colors of the foliage. 

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