Easy Moss To Grow


Easy Moss To Grow

Easy Moss to Grow is a great alternative to grass for yards.

It retains its green color year-round and doesn’t require mowing. Moss also retains moisture and helps clean carbon dioxide from the air at a faster rate than a traditional grass lawn. Here are three easy mosses to add to your garden.

Easy moss to grow : Sheet Moss 

Sheet moss is also called carpet moss because it grows in a carpet-like mat which makes it good for covering a large area. These plants are a part of the Hypnum genus. Carpet moss is a good option to cover an area because it grows outward rather than upward. Getting your Hypnum mosses started is a simple process. You can either plant patches that will eventually spread to interconnect with each other or grind it up and spread it out over the area that you are wanting the plant to grow on.

Make sure to keep debris like leaf litter away and walk in the area each day. Walking on the moss helps it to adhere to the ground and establish itself. These plants prefer shady areas as direct sunlight can burn them. It should be watered when it starts to appear dry. It does not like to be over-watered.

Cushion Moss

This type of plants grows in a clump instead of a mat, which is why it is called cushion. It grows best on hard surfaces like stone or compacted soil that allows water to drain away. These plants prefer soil with an acidic PH. Because this category includes several different types of mosses, some of them will prefer more light than others. Pay attention to the lighting conditions in the area that you harvested the moss from or ask an expert to determine how much light your particular cushion prefers. The dome-shaped cushions are a soft, fun way to add color to your garden.

Peat Moss

Peat moss is not a type of plant that you can grow in your garden, but it can be a great supplement for the other plants that you are cultivating. It is harvested from peat bogs in places like the wetlands of Canada and sold as a soil amendment. This substance is useful in gardens because it is lightweight while still capable of retaining moisture. It makes a great seed-starter because it prevents rot and is soft enough for the young plants to push through. It is also good to add to soil to increase drainage. Mix and match a variety of mosses in your garden for a healthy, lovely landscape that stays green throughout the year. 

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