White Princess Dogwood Tree



March April



White Princess Dogwood Tree

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White Princess Dogwood Tree



March April


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White Princess Dogwood Tree

White Princess Dogwood Tree: The white dogwood tree is one of twenty species that make up the majestic Cornus genus. This stunning ornamental deciduous tree blooms early, brightening the warm spring weather in the moderately warm USDA growing zones. TN Nursery staff suggest this tree for anyone who wants a tree with abundant early-season flowers.

The white Princess dogwood tree grows to a mature height between twenty and thirty feet. That relatively small height makes it perfect for even a smaller yard.

Many gardeners love the white dogwood flower for its classic, pristine white early-season show. Furthermore, they know this species is cold-tolerant to the winter chill and drought-tolerant once it takes root.

How to Use the White Princess Dogwood Trees in Your Landscape

The white dogwood tree is an early bloomer and craves the full sunshine on those earliest spring days. The most important key to successfully growing this species is a full-sun location.

Plant the white dogwood tree as:

  • A focal point in your rock garden or natural area
  • To provide shade in a smaller yard
  • An understory tree--just make sure it receives enough sunshine.

When planting your white dogwood tree, ensure the soil is woody and fast-draining. It loves compost, shredded leaves, or hardwood mulch. It also needs approximately an inch of water each week in the early stages of growth.

Once the roots establish and your sapling becomes stronger, you will only need to do routine maintenance. It needs fertilizer twice yearly (spring and fall), mulch to protect the roots in the winter, and occasional pruning to shape it up.

The Striking Beauty of the White Dogwood Tree

The white dogwood tree has a central trunk from which multiple sturdy branches emerge. They form an elegant shape.

In the spring, the buds are among the first signs of springtime. The buds unfold into four-inch, four-petalled flowers that reach as large as four inches across. Some gardeners describe the petals as a cross shape. The white dogwood tree's blossoms are pure white and show the promise of the lazy days of summer ahead.

The leaves form a good canopy of bright green, oval-shaped leaves.

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Arrived looking good 👍

I’m so happy to receive my dogwood trees. I can’t wait to see them grow.

Mitchell Schweickart
White Dogwood

Arrived in excellent condition . Thanks

Marty Shows
3 white dogwood trees

My bare root trees were received on February 17, 2022 and the packages were intact and the plants were properly packaged. The roots were damp as they should be due to the packaging. I planted them following the instructions on the website within the two days instructed. I expect them to leaf out when the weather warms.

Tom Locke
White dogwood

Ordered four in the 2-3ft range. Securely packaged, roots were wrapped and moist, good looking trees. Thanks.

Ryan Burns

Plants look great, shipping was quick, and the seller was very responsive and helpful.

Hearing how much you love our plants has brightened up our day! Thank you for the great review you left us, Ryan, and for choosing to shop with us!