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Northern Privet

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Northern Privet



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Northern Privet (Ligustrum ibolium)

Northern Privet: Ligustrum ibolium, or the northern privet, is a flowering evergreen shrub that provides even colder climates with year-long green foliage.

TN Nursery suggests the northern privet (or north privet) for any gardener who needs a hedge that grows fast--two to three feet per growing season--and in almost any USDA plant hardiness zone. This species thrives in either full sun or partial sunny conditions.

The northern privet is a cold-hardy species. It can withstand the cold temperatures of the upper midwest, New England, and the Great Lakes regions. Even in these frigid climates, gardeners can trim off any ice damage that could occur, and the shrub will fill back in without any problem.

How TN Customers Use Northern Privets in Their Yards

Northern privet generally reaches a mature height between twelve to fifteen feet and a width of eight to ten feet. Although they can grow high, they are also highly forgiving of trimmings to keep them shaped into a lower profile.

Here are three reasons why TN Nursery customers order the northern privet:

  • Border planting: Install the northern privet as a garden border. Let it grow tall in the back row, or trim it back for the middle row.
  • Foundation planting: Many gardeners use northern privet along their homes' foundation, especially on a west- or south-facing sunny side where less tolerant plants might wither. It will accept trimming below window eight and look full and plush again in record time.
  • Privacy hedge: Homeowners who want to shield a deck, patio, pool, or hot tub from prying eyes will let their northern privet hedge grow unchecked.

Northern Privet Has a Vibrant, Fresh Look

This evergreen shrub is beautiful, with bright green leaves that will be a welcome color even in the dreariness of winter. The leaves are glossy and oval with a well-defined tip. Leaves grow toward the ends of sturdy brown stems.

The plant has small, creamy white flowers with small petals that blossom in attractive clusters. The soft floral scent attracts bees in the early season.

Order your Northern Privet From TN Nursery Today

Northern privet is a classic evergreen hedge appropriate in many USDA growing zones. Please place your order with TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patricia Hewlett
Northern Privet

This defines my pathway beautifully. I have this for so long and I cannot thank you TN nursery more for the good varieties you have given me.

Karen Clark
privet hedge

I am very excited when these grows into thick hedges. Good plants with healthy root systems.

Layla Sirtan
Absolutely stunning

I planted them around my pool they are thriving.