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Vinca minor 

Periwinkle (Vinca minor) is a trailing evergreen groundcover plant native to Europe and western Asia. It is also commonly known as common periwinkle, dwarf periwinkle, and lesser periwinkle.

Periwinkle typically grows up to 6 inches tall and can spread several feet wide. The leaves are dark green, glossy, and oval-shaped. The flowers are usually blue or purple but can also be white or pink, and they bloom in the spring and early summer.
Periwinkle is often used as a ground cover in gardens and landscapes because it is low maintenance and can tolerate various growing conditions. This evergreen vine grows best in full sun to partial shade and in various soil types, from sand to clay. However, it can become invasive in some areas, so monitoring its growth and preventing it from spreading beyond desired boundaries is essential.


Vinca minor, also known as common periwinkle, is a low-growing evergreen groundcover plant that is native to Europe but has been widely naturalized in North America. It is characterized by its glossy dark green leaves and its blue or purple star-shaped flowers, which bloom in spring and summer.

Vinca minor is often used in landscaping as a ground cover in shady or partially shaded areas, where it can form a dense mat that helps suppress weeds. It is also used in erosion control, as it has a robust root system that can help stabilize the soil.

While vinca minor is generally considered a low-maintenance plant, it can spread aggressively and become invasive in some areas. It is important to research local regulations and guidelines before planting vinca minor and to take steps to control its growth if necessary.

Vinca minor is an evergreen vine that will give your garden an elegant touch of lively, rich violet or purple set against spectacular large, green leaves.TN Nursery suggests Vinca minor for use primarily as a ground cover plant; however, you may also train it to climb a trellis gracefully with relative ease. 

Vinca minor is an Asian native species. Europeans adopted the plant for its graceful charm and beauty and brought it to the New World in Colonial Era.

The plant is evergreen in moderate temperatures, providing you with lush green foliage even when so many other species enter winter dormancy–a welcome sight in the winter garden. It loves partial and complete shade but will tolerate some sunshine. 

Vinca minors classic charm 

Vinca minor is a flowering plant with a low, sprawling habit. It typically grows between three and six inches tall and about eighteen inches to three feet wide.

Its stems root at their joints, so it spreads quickly. It covers an empty spot in your garden with relative speed. 

The delicate flowers blossom mid to late spring and reappear randomly throughout the year. The common name is periwinkle, which refers to the blue-violet to purple blossoms. The petals are small, flat, elliptic, and bear on a slender stalk.

Vinca minor has a rustic charm that makes you think of a home in the countryside, with lazy vine plants rambling through the garden. That whimsical impression makes this plant a favorite among many gardeners. 

Two Other Important Reasons to Try Vinca minor 

Although many plant Vinca minor for cosmetic reasons, here are a couple more reasons to plant it. 

Vinca minor discourages weeds as it takes root in your garden. It outcompetes the weeds for nutrition and will eventually choke them out. This growth means you will spend less time pulling weeds from your flower beds, tending to more enjoyable gardening tasks instead. 

Also, Vinca minor is drought-tolerant. If you live in an area experiencing frequent watering restrictions but receive relatively decent rainfall, Vinca minor will be an excellent choice. 

Vinca minor is available online at TN Nursery today 

Vinca minor puts on a colorful show for you; it is drought-resistant, it covers vast areas as a ground cover. Order from TN Nursery today to see how gorgeous this plant is.  

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Meriem Walton
They looked dead

They are growing beautiful!! Very by with purchase

Cindy Winters

Healthy plants! Can’t wait until they are blooming in my garden!

Mike H
Vinca Minor

Faster shipping than I expected! The plants came in a healthy state, and seem to be durable. I planted the next day and so far they seem to be doing well - we'll see. Since a previous order from another company rendered only 5 of 50 plants surviving, I'm hopeful that these are going to do/be much better. If the shipping is any indication, this will be a good purchase!

Thank you for the awesome review about our trees, Mike. We are so pleased to hear it is working just as it should and that you are enjoying it so much!

Avery Edwards

Awesome packing and the condition of the plants when received was very good. Happy with product.

Joseph Payne
Received the plants in great shape and am thoroughly satisfied

I believe this is more what the nursery is supposed to send, nothing like the last order.