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Christmas Trees

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There's nothing like the fragrance of a beautiful live tree permeating your home during the holiday season. When you're choosing the Christmas tree that will grace your home throughout the holidays, you want to choose one that is fragrant, full, and can hold the weight of your ornaments. Here are some of the of most beautiful Christmas trees for the holiday season.

Christmas Trees are often Scotch Pine, White Pine, or Virginia Pine 

Scotch Pine, White Pine, and Virginia Pine are the most famous varieties for Christmas trees. Pine trees produce dark, green foliage which is perfect for lightweight or more massive ornaments. A tree with brilliant green foliage is common, but some varieties feature bluish-green or dense foliage.

Christmas Trees have their own unique fragrance

Cedar Trees

The Eastern Red Cedar is actually of the Juniper family, with dark, green leaves. The Red Cedar is native to Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Eastern Seaboard states and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec have climate zones compatible with this variety of tree. The cedar has long been the choice for Christmas trees in southern states. The trees are a favorite for their conical shapes, which makes them even lovelier when decorated.

Loblolly Pine

The Loblolly Pine is one of the fastest growing varieties of the pine tree and a stunning choice for your Christmas tree. The North American Loblolly Pine features long, brownish-red pine cones that sometimes grow in pairs. This conifer variety of tree is native to the eastern coast of the United States from New Jersey to Florida and Texas.

Ponderosa Pine Trees

Ponderosa Pine Trees are native to the Southwestern states and are known as Western Yellow or Yellow Pine Trees. Ponderosa Pines grow in the Columbia Basin of Washington State. The trees have a stately appearance that suits collections of vintage ornaments.

Spruce Pine Trees

The Colorado Blue Spruce is one of the most popular choices for live Christmas trees in the eastern portion of the United States. The needles of the Blue Spruce are usually a silver-blue or blue-gray, some trees display lovely, silver-white or blue-white foliage.

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