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We ship freshly dug bare-root plants, carefully packaged to arrive in excellent condition.

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If you want to buy conifers for your landscaping project and want to make sure you choose trendy, tried and true varieties, then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find the conifers that are most popular with our customers. By choosing varieties from these best-sellers, you can be confident you’re choosing evergreen trees that thousands of other gardeners, landscape designers and business owners have chosen for their own landscape projects.

Best Sellers - Evergreen Conifers should be carefully matched to your zone

If you’re after an evergreen tree that will thrive in your climate conditions, then one of our beautiful conifers is a great choice. We’ve got a great range of conifers that are rated for and adapted to the climate in zones 3-9.

Yes, you did read that correctly. While other nurseries sell plants that are rated to particular zones, we go the extra mile to grow conifers that have adapted, over many generations, to the climate in each zone. So when you place your order, we’ll go out into the field and select individual plants that are adapted to your zone. That way you can be confident that your new plants can thrive in your area.

Best Sellers - Evergreen Conifers are best planted when they are dormant

Pro tip:

We ship our conifers when they’re fairly dormant as that’s the best time to plant them. Because they’re evergreen though, they can still lose a lot of moisture through transpiration. So, to help your new conifer settle into its new home, soak the pot in a dilute seaweed solution for at least an hour before transplanting it into its new home. Then water it with seaweed whenever you’re irrigating it (this might be every week at first depending on your zone, exactly when you plant it and how much rain you’re getting) until it shows signs of new growth in spring.

So if you want to grab a great deal on a privacy, shade, hedging or purely-for-enjoyment evergreen tree, all our conifers look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a beautiful price.

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