Box Elder Live Stakes

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Latin Name- ACER NEGUNDO USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 8 Tree Height: 30 - 60 Feet Tree Width: 20 - 40 Feet Sun: Full Shade


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Box Elder Live Stakes

Box Elder Live Stakes makes for a great addition because it provides shade and is dense. This tree is known to be one of the most common and best known of the maple tree family. Of all the North American maple trees this tree is the most widely distributed. In the United States, this tree can be found everywhere in the city of New York to Central Florida and other major cities in the country. This tree is known to thrive in a variety of climates. This tree is also commonly found growing in the moist soil it is highly drought tolerant, and it is often used in windbreaks and even around homesteads all through the plains. According to reports, this tree has also been known to survive severe floods for up to thirty days. Because this tree is drought and cold resistant it is widely grown in the Great Plains and also at lower elevations in the Western part of the country as street trees and windbreaks. The tree’s fibrous root system and productive seedling nature make it ideal for erosion control as well. Trees will add significant value to your home. Trees are beautiful ways to bring life to your lawn.   A lawn with trees will look magnificent and return value to your home as well. This tree is great for more things than one. This tree is a stately tree. It will grow to be a very tall tree and will make a perfect shade tree. It will also attract a wide variety of birds.

Box Elder Live Stakes
Box Elder - Acer negundo

The box elder is a type of maple tree native to North America that can be found in various places throughout the heart of both the United States and Canada. Quick to maturity, these trees can grow to be up to 80 feet tall and almost 2 feet thick.

Unique among maples and most trees in general, the branches of the box elder typically stay green throughout their lives instead of becoming covered in bark. Though they prefer soil that is more neutral in pH, these trees are fairly adaptable and can cope with most levels of acidity and condition. They require full sun to grow best. Box Elder Live Stakes




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