Beech Fern

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Broad Beech Fern

The Beech Fern, also known as the Broad Beech Fern, is grown in Northern America and is most common in Illinois. The height of the fronds ranged from 16 - 24 inches in length.Growing primarily in the Spring and Summer, it can also adapt to growing in the shade. The Beech Fern can usually be found in moist woodlands, hills, and even near rocks. The Beech Fern can be an ideal plant for gardens with waterfalls, fountains, or ponds. Broad beech ferns are a perennial species of plant commonly found in the eastern United States, Ontario, and Quebec. It is native to the state of Missouri. The leaves form a very distinct triangular shape, with a broad base. Like all members of the fern class, their leaves are compound, with lots of tiny little leaflets making up each branch. They are considered a wetlands plant that grows in marshes. However, they have been identified growing outside of wetland areas. When growing these ferns, it is suggested to use wet to normal soil. They also enjoy partially shaded to fully shaded areas. They are known to occasionally crossbreed with the long beech fern, another fern species native to the northern hemisphere. Broad beech ferns can grow around 1.5 - 2 feet tall. The leaves on their own can grow anywhere between 4 - 16 inches long.

Although broad beech ferns are non-flowering, their ranges of green coloration also give great feedback about how well they are being taken care of. Keeping them hydrated during the summers can be easily accomplished with a water spray bottle or the mist nozzle of a hose.

Broad beech ferns are very easy to grow. They have no disease concerns nor do they have any major insect or pest problems. They are known to be rabbit tolerant. They do a great job of adding foliage to otherwise empty garden spaces. They are fast growing, known to fill up gardening pots quickly. Their quick growth makes them excellent choices for beginner gardeners who want start with something easy to grow.If you want lots of green in your garden, the broad beech fern is a great option. They make especially good additions to shade gardens and wild gardens.

Botanical Latin Name: Phegopteris hexagonoptera (Thelypteris hexagonoptera)
Common Name: Broad Beech Fern
Sun Exposure: Partial to Full Shade
Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9
Mature Height: 1.5 to 2 feet
Spread: 1.5 to 2 feet
Spacing: 9 to 12 inches
Growth Rate: Fast
Flowering Time: N/A
How Long It Flowers: N/A
Flower Color: N/A
Soil Requirements: Moist, lightly acidic, plenty of organic material
Pruning: Little Required
Foliage Form: The Broad Beech Fern has feather-like leaves or fronds, extending from the stem. Each leaf blade has 12-24 pairs of wings, or leaflets, extending from the stem. Each frond is fringed with lacy foliage, giving it a delicate, elegant appearance. Each sturdy stem bears a sail-like crop of angular leaves and leaflets, radiating out from the center. They are a bright, vivid green, eye-catching and lively. The leaves of this fern are about as long as they are full, which is unusual in ferns. A quick-growing, herbaceous plant, the broad beech fern is ideal for decorative shade gardens and is a well-suited filler in flower beds.

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