Arrowood Viburnum

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Latin Name- Viburnum Dentatum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 6-15 ft Width- 6-5 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Arrowood Viburnum – Viburnum Dentatum

Arrowood Viburnum makes a lovely shrub for a garden.  As it grows and spread it will look like a waterfall with beautiful white blooms.  This amazing shrub does great in various soils. It makes a lovely ornamental shrub for all gardens and lawns. The Arrowood Viburnum is a plant best known for having a look for every season. Easy to grow, hardy, and adaptable, the viburnum dentatum is a common sight throughout the Eastern United States, stretching its territory from Maine to Florida, and into states as far as Iowa and Texas. In the spring, it starts with dark green leaves, topped by contrasting bright white clusters of flowers. Summer brings with it the growth of small dark blue-black colored berries. Though edible, the fruit has little flesh and a large seed, and is not comparable in flavor or use and is considered largely ornamental. Moving into fall, the leaves shift to bright yellows, reds and purples before dropping them in the cold of winter. Growing up to a full 15 feet high, and with a comparable sized spread, the Arrowood Viburnum is easy to notice and appreciate in any season.




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