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Moss is a soil additive & requires no fertilizers to flourish

 Moss is probably the most sought-after shade garden species of all time, States HGTV. About Moss: This popular gardening product is commonly found in potting soil because it does two things that can be very useful for growing seeds. First, it can absorb moisture and hold on to it until the roots of the surrounding plants have had their fill.


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Moss Helps Create a Perfect Environment In Fledgling Gardens

 Potting your plants in potting soil that contains peat moss ensures that your plants will be given a chance to absorb the water they need to sustain life. 


Second, it drains well. Even while it absorbs moisture, it lets go of it when it comes. This will make it an ideal product for use with many potted plants. It's also a preferred additive in dense, clay-like soil because it improves drainage and helps aerate the soil, creating a better environment for plants that cannot tolerate "wet feet."


Moss Use With Other Additives

Peat is just one of several additives that can improve the soil in your garden. Since it can have an acidifying effect, it's best used in gardens where acidic soil is preferred. Find out what soil pH your plants prefer by looking them up individually. It is not appropriate soil for seeds, potted plants, or outdoor gardens. Most experts recommend using this product in proportions of about 1/3 to 2/3 of the total soil volume for best results. The exact proportions you choose should depend on what you're planting.


Why Peat Moss is Good For Seedlings

Seeds need moisture and nutrients, and peat holds on to both things very well. You can water your seedlings and feel confident that the peat in your planting medium will keep your seeds moist for longer than many other planting mediums. Due to the nature of this product, you can also feel confident that it will not contain harmful microorganisms or seeds from weeds that could impact the health and well-being of your seedlings. This product helps your seeds start healthy and robust and should be a mainstay in your standard gardening supplies. 


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