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Purchase Moss Package Deals include Live Moss for Every Zone Live Harvested from Tn Nursery

Living moss is the perfect ground cover for both sunny and shady areas in every US zone — from zone 3-11. Whether you want a smooth, velvety, carpet-like look or a mounded, casual look, we have high live mosses that will suit your needs.

Moss Package Deals include live mosses for every zone

Our impressive moss collection consists of live mosses that will suit every USDA hardiness zone in the US, from region three right up to area 11. Other nurseries sell species and varieties that are rated for particular zones, whereas we source our propagation stock from across the US so we grow plants that are also perfectly adapted to each zone. That means when you place your order, we’ll select live mosses that are not only rated for your area but also changed to the zone you garden in so you can be sure your new mosses can thrive in their new home.

Moss Package Deals are available to purchase at the lowest prices

Our versatile moss collection consists of live mosses that grow well in both tone and full sun. So, if you’d like to plant moss in both areas, this package will cover both.

Pro tip:
Because our moss collection consists of live mosses that grow well in both sunny and shady conditions, you can use this moss to tie the bright and dark areas of your garden together. Consider planting a vast swathe of moss as a ground cover that flows from a shady area of your backyard into a sunny area in one uninterrupted carpet of green. Then, while the other plants in each region may be different, the ground cover will be consistent thus tying both areas together and grounding them with a common element.

So if you want to grab our best deal on live mosses, our live mosses collections look great and contain plants that are perfectly adapted to your zone. 

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