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Ferns Over 3 Feet

My Garden Zone Is

Ferns Over 3 Feet are considered giants

If you’re looking for cheap giant ferns online, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got a vast range of giant ferns that grow to over 3 ft in height and which will suit gardens in zones 3-11.

Giant ferns to suit every US zone
Whether you garden in zone three or zone 11 or any zone in between, we have abundant greenery that will thrive in your climate.

If you live in one of the warmer areas of the US (zones 9-11), then the Boston fern is the species for you. It suits both sunny and shady positions and makes an excellent border plant. It’s even deer resistant so is an excellent option if you have trouble with deer.

Ferns Over 3 Feet are big ferns for tough locations 

If you live in a more comfortable or more moderate area, we have giant ostrich ferns, royal ferns, cinnamon ferns and tooth wood ferns that are acclimatized down to zone three and up to region seven or higher. Anyone of them would make a great addition to a garden in a cooler or moderate climate.

Ferns Over 3 Feet are some of the most healthy plants

Many people think ferns are a bit delicate, but our ferns are some of the most healthy plants you can grow. Many of them are deer-resistant, and some are even drought tolerant. So, don’t put off buying a fern if you think your landscape’s conditions are a little too challenging. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how tough these magnificent plants are.

Pro tip:
Giant ferns make great statement plants and so often their understory is neglected. Why not pair one of our gorgeous, giant ferns with an understated moss ground cover as they both like similar growing conditions. We’ve got mosses for sun and shade, so you’re bound to find the perfect companion for your new feature plant regardless of where you plant it.

So if you want to grab a great deal on a large fern, all our more prominent ferns look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a fair price. Buy yours today from just $5.99.