Willow Oak Tree Seedlings

Willow Oak Tree Seedlings

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Latin Name- Quercus Kelloggii Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 70-80 ft Width-40-50 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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Willow Oak Tree Seedlings - Quercus Phellos

The Willow Oak Seedlings is a deciduous tree that will reach 65-100 feet tall. It has a medium growth rate and does best in zones 5-9 with moist, acidic well-drained clay or sandy soil in full sun. The trunk of this ornamental shade tree can be 40”-60” in diameter. The leaves are bright green on top and paler on the bottom, They turn yellow or yellow-brown in the fall.

This handsome red oak tree variety is known for its long, spear shaped, willowy leaves. The leaves are 2-5 inches long and sprout in a yellow-green in the spring. They turn darker green in the summer and shades of orange, red and brown in the fall season. Like other oak trees the Willow Oak Tree yields acorns that will feed a large variety of wildlife, supporting the local ecosystem. The attractive foliage of the Willow Oak Tree allows for a softer appearance than other oak varieties. The foliage provides excellent shade at a medium growth rate. The tree can reach an average height of 40-60 feet, but can grow up to about 100 feet in ideal conditions. It has a spread of 30-40 feet. It can be expected to grow anywhere from 13-24 inches per year. The Willow Oak Tree is best suited to hardiness zones 5-9.

Willow Oak Tree Seedlings transport easily compared to other Oak varieties due to its fibrous root system. It tolerates poorly drained soil well although well-drained, acidic, loamy soil is ideal. This low maintenance tree is also resistant to pollution and drought, with no serious threats from disease or pests either. It will thrive in full sunlight but can tolerate some shade. It’s fast growth rate and hardiness makes it an ideal ornamental tree around parks, along residential drives, golf courses, shopping centers and of course around homes.

Willow Oak Tree Seedlings should be planted with enough space around them so their branches have room to spread. Willow Oak Tree pruning is pretty simple compared to other oak varieties. They tend to grow tall and upright limiting the necessity to trim to limit the tree’s spread. Pruning can be accomplished by the home gardener to raise the canopy height for shade. When the leaves come off in the fall their small size allows for a tidier appearance than larger leaf varieties. Fall is the ideal time to plant Willow Oak Tree seedlings.

Willow Oak Tree Seedlings

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