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Thursday, September 15

Virginia Pine

Everyone awaits the Christmas season and cannot do without a good Christmas tree. The memories of decorating a Christmas tree along with family and friends always make us nostalgic. Children as well as adults enjoy decorating it and do not shy away from taking the credit for a well-done tree.

Virginia Pine Tree is amongst one of the most popular choices for Christmas as it grows rapidly and is ready for harvest in only 3-5 years. It makes a perfect Christmas tree because of its strong branches and thorny leaves which can hold ornaments. Instead of spending money every year and purchasing a Christmas tree you can grow this tree in your garden and enhance your Christmas experience.

Growing your Virginia Pine

Virginia Pine Trees are majorly grown in North Carolina and grow up to 60 feet in height. It requires sunlight to grow properly and has shallow roots. The tree produces cones which are about two and a half inches long, and there are seeds inside the cones. The needles like leaves are about one and a half to about three inches in length. It is dark green, yellow-green and gray-green and has a fine pine scent.

The Virginia Pine Tree is used for lumber and firewood once it reaches the harvest time. Unlike other trees, this tree can grow in normal climate condition as it requires normal pH level and can grow in sandy or clay soil. At maturity, the top of the tree starts growing flat and becomes irregular. The bark of the tree is reddish-brown and starts becoming scaly or plated with age.

The alternate common name of the Virginia Pine is Shrub Pine because of its appearance as a shrub at the young age. It can grow in places where you would hardly find any other green or shrub-like trees. Like the other pine trees, it is also prone to diseases and pests, so proper care and maintenance are required.

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