NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

It is just now getting to become warmer weather and everyone seems to be itching to get out of their home and get started planting their flowers and having their natural areas and flower beds in perfect order.

We all have done it, we all sit in the house all winter long and just make our list of things that we can add or do to our yard to make it look better and give it much improvement. What’s on yours? Do you want to expand your deck, stain your steps or walkway, add new flowers or just redo your whole landscape in general?

By having a well laid out yard, one that you can enjoy not only makes you feel good but also gives you a sense of pride and joy.

Landscaping your yard can be rewarding and give you joy but do you get tired of watching all of those flowers bloom on the outside of your home and wonder what you can do to preserve them just a little longer?

Landscaping is an investment and by knowing how to preserve those gorgeous flowers when in full bloom makes it all more worthwhile. We all like to watch our flowers in bloom because then we know how hard work and effort has paid off, but being able to bring them inside makes it all more worthwhile.

There are a wide variety of things that you can do with your flowers, you can freeze them, press them, arrange them in a vase or centerpiece for your table, put them in scrapbooks, dry them or make potpourri out of them. Make your flowers last! After all it is an investment that you will want to cherish and hold onto for year after year, season after season!

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