Sweet Gum Tree Foliage - Package Of 2 Leaves

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Sweet Gum Tree Foliage

While the Sweet Gum tree sports unassuming vibrant green, 5 pointed, starlike, lush leaves during late spring through summer, the sugar gum tree really puts on a show during autumn months. Sugar gum leaves take on hues of deep reds, sunshine yellows, and vibrant purples. This tree’s foliage is a true show stopper in the fall. The leaves resemble stars. Imagine, in the fall, a tree full of stunning orange, deep red, vibrant yellow and gorgeous purple stars. Not only will this tree brighten your day and your yard with its fall colors, its leaves present a treasure trove of fall activities.These gorgeous leaves should be enjoyed all year long. Don’t leave all the leaves on the ground for jumping in leaf piles. Try collecting some prime sweet gum leaves and use them for leaf rubbings. Simply place the leaves under a sheet of paper, veiny side up, and color over them using crayons or even pencils to pick up the fine structure of a sugar gum leaf. These highly detailed leaf rubbings are sure to become a keepsake.Don’t stop at mere leaf rubbings! Sugar gum leaves can adhere to mason jars, other pieces of glass, or even scrapbook paper using decoupage medium. Imagine an adorable mason jar with red and gold sweet gum leaves decoupaged around the outside. Adding a tea light candle turns a plain jar into an autumn masterpiece guaranteed to last the season and beyond.Another good use for sugar gum leaves and decoupage medium is making coasters. With the addition of a ceramic tile, sugar gum leaves and decoupage medium make a sturdy, trendy coaster. A combination of purple hued leaves on a white ceramic tile would make a stunning conversation piece. Whether you are drying the leaves to add to a fun fall scrapbook page or making coasters, the colorful sweet gum’s foliage is something to treasure. Be sure to pick up a few lovely leaves when they turn colorful this fall.