NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Specialty Plants

Want to find unique and special things like fragrant plants, aquatics, plants to attract wildlife, and more? We offer a specialty category perfect for unique situations where you want plants for specific areas in landscaping. For example, we have beginner plant packages that are perfect for those first-time gardeners. Food plot plants for those avid bird watchers to attract birds to roost in and build nests in and raise little ones. Want to attract birds, squirrels, and deer? Try our food plot plants. You are looking for fragrant plants to not only spruce up your outdoor decor but to have a wonderful aroma when friends and family come to your home? We got you covered with a large selection of vivid scents from perennials, trees, and confers. No matter what you're looking for, Tn Nursery has got you covered on all the perfect specialty plants just for your landscaping needs.

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Specialty Plants

Specialty Plants Offered By TN Nursery 

 You want to add something special to your garden, but don't know where to start?

 We have a wide selection of plants that are perfect for any home gardener. From flowering plants and trees, to shrubs and ground covers we have the right plant for you!

 Our specialty nursery has over 300 different varieties of annuals, perennials, herbs & mosses. Each plant is carefully selected by our experienced staff so that you can be sure they will thrive in your garden or on your patio. All of our plants are grown using sustainable gardening practices so that they stay healthy throughout their lifetime with minimal maintenance from you!

 Specialty Plants For Sale Online- Tn Nursery

 The main problem with ordering plants online is that it can be hard to find a nursery that has the type of plant you're looking for.

We have over 100 varieties of specialty plants and we're adding more every day. By selling directly to consumers, we cut out the middleman and pass those savings on to you.

 Tn Nursery grows all our specialty plants in-house so we can guarantee their quality and availability. Our team is always available by phone or email if you have questions about your order or need help finding a particular plant variety.