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Short Leaf Pine Trees - Stately Design in the Landscape

Short-leaf Pine - Pinus Echinata
Common names: Short-leaf Yellow Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Yellow Pine, Short-straw Pine, Arkansas Pine, Old Field Pine

Short-leaf Pines is a species of southern evergreen pine trees grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 6 - 9 and 7 - 10 a. They are one of the hardiest species of pines that can survive high winds due to their deep tap root system. Short-leaf pines are medium-sized fast-growing trees that can grow to a height of 70 feet in 20 years and may live up to 250 years! The needles of the pine range from dark bluish-green to yellowish-green, approximately 3-5" long that appear in bundles of two, and also produces egg-shaped pine cones that are 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches long and are light reddish-brown. The tree bark displays an attractive reddish-brown in scaly plates on mature trees, and young trees sport a dark brown to almost black bark. The trunk of the Short-leaf Pine is generally straight and usually devoid of branches on the lower portion of the trunk. These pines are shade-intolerant and need full sun to flourish. They are low-maintenance, easy-to-grow pines adaptive to just about any soil condition but prefer sandy or loamy soil with low organic matter. They are moderately drought tolerant, cold hardy down to -18°F, and also requires 180 frost-free days

Use Short-leaf Pines in your landscape

Short-leaf pines have a diverse range of uses in landscaping, but one of the most important is erosion control and its use in reclamation projects. For more natural and country settings, the young trees attract deer and turkey, while older trees provide nesting habitats for quail and woodpeckers. For urban landscaping needs, Short-leaf pines can provide an excellent wind barrier, provide erosion control, attract a variety of birds with their seeds, and provide evergreen color throughout the year with a fantastic scent!

Whatever your garden landscape is, the Short-leaf Pine will be a true performer enhancing the landscape with its stately and picturesque beauty!

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