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​Rusty Black Haw

​Rusty Black Haw

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 04 , 2017

Rusty Black Haw Viburnum

Rusty Black Haw, a plant indigenous to Eastern to Central Texas, can be found mostly outlying wooded areas and along streams. It tends to grow differently depending on the environment. Rusty Black Haw can become to be a shrub averaging about 10 feet, or even a small 30-foot tree. Though the plant tends to increase in brush areas, it is most visually appealing when growing entirely in the sun. When it blooms, it has glossy bright green leave and clusters of flowers. In the spring, these flowers are white, but in the fall, it grows a blue fruit. Sometimes, the leaves also tend to change to a more pink or purple shade in the fall as well. When growing in a more shaded, moist area, Rusty Black Haw tends to be found as just a single tree with maybe a few growing in the near field. In a city with less rainfall, though, it can be found in groves of up to about 100 plants. Tn Nursery sells thousands of these shrubs for wetland mitigation plantings.

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Zones- 5

Mature Height- 30 feet

Mature Width- 35 feet

Sunlight- Full of Partial

Soil conditions- Adaptable

Botanical Name- Caprifoliaceae

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