Rue Anomone

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Botanical Latin Name: Thalictrum Thalictroides Common Name: Rue anemone Sun Exposure: Partial sun, partial shade Hardiness Zones: Three to 10 Mature Height: Nine inches Spread: 6 inches Spacing: 6 inches

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Rue Anemone

Rue Anemone
Botanical Latin Name: Thalictrum Thalictroides 
Common Name: Rue anemone 
Sun Exposure: Partial sun, partial shade 
Hardiness Zones: Three to 10 
Mature Height: Nine inches 
Spread: 6 inches 
Spacing: 6 inches 
Growth Rate: Fast 
Flowering Time: Early spring 
How Long It Flowers: A few days 
Flower Color: White with a pinkish blush or pink 
Soil Requirements: Loose, loamy, somewhat dry but fertile soil 
Pruning: Not necessary 
Flower Form: This plant appears to have beautiful, delicate flowers. Like the dogwood, the white or pearl pink petals aren’t petals but sepals, with clusters of tiny, petal-less flowers in the center. The plant doesn’t have any leaves. The leaflets are roundish and have three lobes. They are found right below the flower as if supporting it. The plant goes dormant during the summer. The fruits are achenes, which are fruits that hold only one seed. The rue anemone’s achene darkens as it ripens. Division, seeds or cuttings should propagate the rue anemone from the roots. The seeds should be sowed outdoors in the fall.