Red Maple Foliage- Package Of 2 Leaves

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Red Maple Foliage

When you think of fall, you think of the outdoors. The green leaves start to change color. There is also a strong breeze during this time of year, causing all the leaves to slowly fall to the ground. The leaves on the ground lay mixed within each other varying from burnt orange to bright red to dusty brown. The warm tones mix together creating a beautiful sight. Every step you take, a crunch sound comes from under your feet. The fall is a time for change and leaves do just that. Beauty can be just around the corner and fall's leaves make that come to light. The most known leaves in the fall are Maple Tree leaves. Their foliage color is famous for describing fall. The leaves are usually red but consist at times of yellow and orange. They usually only change to this color during the fall meanwhile, for the rest off the year, they are a deep green. The leaves can be as big as one's hand, and have three lobes that are seen as its peaks. They are long and wide, yet the leaf is usually thin. It can make for a beautiful view. This leaf has become the most recognizable during the fall and is seen in most homes as décor. The leaves are long lasting and bring out the festive side of fall. The tree's vibrant foliage is the main indicator of the cool season. They are easy to collect as most of the leaves during this time of year fall. They can be preserved and kept as a reminder of how beautiful fall can be. Pressed leaves can be kept in a book or an album. They can be used in scrapbooks as well, just to give your hobby a little edge and color.