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TN Nursery - Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

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TN Nursery, also known as Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, is a reputable online nursery based in Altamont, Tennessee, United States. They specialize in native plants, trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, and other landscaping supplies to customers across the United States. TN Nursery offers a diverse selection of plant species, including both native and non-native varieties, suitable for different climates, soil types, and landscaping purposes.


TN Nursery Is Know For High Quality Plants Priced Affordably

The nursery is known for its commitment to providing high-quality plants at affordable prices, along with excellent customer service and fast shipping. They cater to both wholesale and retail homeowners, offering bulk discounts for larger orders and accommodating the needs of homeowners, landscapers, garden centers, and nurseries alike.

TN Nursery Is a Reputable Mail Order Online Nursery

TN Nursery operates primarily through its online platform, allowing customers to browse their extensive catalog, place orders, and receive shipments directly to their doorstep. They also provide gardening tips, planting guides, and resources to help customers have and succeed in their landscaping projects.

Overall, TN Nursery is a trusted source for purchasing plants and landscaping supplies, serving customers nationwide with over 300 plants and convenient online shopping experience.