Red Dogwood

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Latin Name- Cornus Florida, Hardy Planting Zone-5-8 Mature Height- 20-35ft Width-20-25 Sun or Shade- Prefers full sun to partial sun


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Red Dogwood

Red Dogwood when planted in right zones, this tree will be unstoppable.  This tree will be the most colorful during the spring and early summer months.  It will sport clusters of flowers that are a reddish pink color and will cover the entire tree for a spectacular look.  The leaves will also transition to shades of red for the fall season, giving much interest during the year.  These trees provide lots of magnificent colors as they are in bloom.  They usually bloom during the spring months and produce gorgeous flowers.  They also grow berries that are loved by squirrels and a variety of birds. 

Red Dogwood can be seen rising wild in wooded areas and also seen growing a lot in the Eastern part of the United States.  This tree also provides gorgeous color during the fall months as the leaves change.  These are an excellent a choice for homeowners and even landscapers that are looking to provide trees that produce lots of beautiful colors as they grow and mature.  These trees are very hardy and look great on lawns and also brings lots of head-turning curb appeal as they bloom.  The blooms are very bright and beautiful and look amazing, and they are very easy to grow and care for. 

Red Dogwood tree is trendy, and homeowners love them. Although dogwood trees are also native to Europe and Asia, the red dogwood (Cornus florida) is native to North America. It is widely planted in all areas of the country, especially in yards both urban and rural.Growing only 20 to 30 feet high and spreading an equal distance, red dogwoods are a favorite ornamental tree. They produce bright red flower bracts in early spring, quickly followed by the new leaves. The flowers last a long time, providing a gorgeous spring-flowering show.In autumn, the leaves of the red dogwood turn vibrant ruby red, burgundy, and bronze. When the leaves fall, bright, glossy scarlet red fruits appear, staying on the tree well into the winter months.


Red Dogwood