Red Dogwood Tree

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Red Dogwood Tree Description

Red Dogwood 2-3'

The red dogwood tree is a grafted Cherokee Chief Red Flowering Dogwood Shrub. The addition of eye-catching colors like red, purple, violet, and yellow to your green landscape areas makes it a worth-seeing sight for viewers. Various plants are available in the plant industry to add glamour to your garden. Some of these plants are a must to buy products on your grocery list. The gardens of summer, winter, spring, and fall are equally important. Make your space beautiful and elegant in all seasons by making a splendid choice. This tree is a species that makes your garden colorful and cheerful for the whole year. The bright red branches make your winter garden radiant and glowing.


Plant type

These trees are deciduous shrubs producing vibrant, colorful flowers. This plant is native to North America and present in areas with low temperatures. The red colors of the interlinked stems make the surroundings bright and cheerful. They produce flowers during the spring seasons, making them the perfect choice for your winter landscape. This tree is available for sale to add a stunning look to your winter garden.

Tall heighten plants

They are amongst the tall-growing category of plants. Under the optimum temperature, shade, and environmental conditions, the plants can grow to six to nine feet. During the initial year of planting, the plant size is insignificant. Proper pruning, shearing, and cutting help it reach its mature height of eight to nine feet. The plantation of the flowering shrubs makes your winter garden attractive to variable butterflies or hummingbirds.

Red Dogwood an all season tree

This plant is famous for making the garden cheerful and vibrant in all seasons. It is an all-season plant for your garden. The bright, highly branched leaves of the plants emerge in the summer. During the fall or early spring season, gardeners can easily plant these flowering shrubs to get the maximum benefits of the temperature of that season. During the winter season, it gives rise to beautifully intermingled red branches. Beautiful and colorful flowers from these plants sprout from these red branches of red dogwood plants. These plants also produce fruits in berries during the summer to fall season.

Sun requirement

For the optimum growth of these plants, full sun in a partially shady environment is mandatory. Give full sunlight for one-fourth of the day and partial shade for four to six hours. Winter sunlight is necessary for sprouting bright red stems from the plants during the winter season. The bright red stems and lace structure add color to your garden or lawn. These quickly growing plants do not require hard or fast sunlight conditions for optimum growth.

Soil conditions

Consistently moist soil rich in nutrient and vitamin content is necessary for the growth of red dogwood plants. The fertility of soil adds a positive factor to the development of these flowering shrubs. To enhance the nutrient content of the soil, add humus to the ground to make it fertile. Slightly acidic soil with a ph. of five to six works best for propagating these red dogwood plants.

Moist meadows and green tracks give the perfect moist, well-drained soil texture to seed red dogwood plants. Red dogwood plants prove to be a versatile addition to your winter garden.

Tn nursery presents a wide variety of plants for sale that steals the show by their beautiful or vibrant textured stems, colorful, fragrant small-sized flowers, and whitish to bluish berries. These plants become a perfect choice for your compact winter gardens. Attract birds and colorful butterflies to your landscape areas by planting these tall flowering shrubs in the fall season.

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    Red Dogwood

    Posted by Amber Green on Jan 10, 2022

    It was a very healthy bare root plant. The shipment was right on time. Hats off.


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