River Birch Live Stakes - Package of 100 2-3'

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River Birch Live Stakes

River Birch Live Stakes: Betula nigra, or the familiar river birch, is a multi-trunked, medium-sized, lovely tree that is an Amerian native species from the eastern, central, and southern United States.

These river birch live stakes flourish across the warmer USDA growing zones. They thrive in a hot, humid climate during the summertime and continuously moist soil. They will also bounce back from short dry spells regardless of that preference. If you experience a drought, you can assist your river birch tree by running a soaker hose to moisten the soil.

In the wild, river birches flourish along river beds and flood plains. Consider those preferences when you plant your river birch live stakes. Find a partially sunny spot and amend the soil with peat moss, mulch, or compost to help promote health.

River birch live stakes are ideal if you have a property with a pond, water garden, stream, or creek.

What Is a River Birch Live Stake?

Live staking is a technique utilized in managing reforestation and planting, especially along river banks.

Live stakes are tree branches harvested during a dormant period and planted into the soil directly. They develop roots and grow into new trees. The process occurs in the late winter or early spring--but tree dormancy varies depending on local climate conditions. The best rule of thumb is to place your river birch live stake--precisely in the spot you want it to grow--as soon as the ground thaws after the winter.

River Birch Live Stakes Grow Into a Graceful and Attractive Tree

It is hard to imagine it when you see river birch live stakes, but they grow into graceful, multi-branched, elegant trees. The bark of the river birch tree is a lovely deep silvery color to light brown.

River birch leaves are approximately two to four inches long and up to three inches wide. They alternate along the stems, with an oval shape and a distinct point.

The river birch tree will produce light green, three-inch, cylindrical flowers during the early spring.

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