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Hills Privet Plant

Hills Privet Plant: With its lovely, evergreen color and classic good looks, it is no wonder it is the number one best-selling privacy hedge at TN Nursery and around the United States.

These beautiful Hills privet shrubs are hardy, with full green foliage consisting of broad, flat, oval leaves. It grows best in gardens in moderately warm USDA plant hardiness zones, from California to Gulf Coast and across the southeastern states.

The privet plant is a Japanese native species. However, American gardeners adopted its use long ago, and it is now in widespread use. It is easy to manage, drought-resistant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant.

TN Nursery often suggests this hedge for any gardener who lives in a community with frequent watering restrictions.

Beautiful Ways to Put  California Privet Plants to Use in Your Landscape

The privet plant requires partial or complete sunshine and fertile, quickly draining soil. Once you meet these few growing conditions, you'll have an easy-to-love shrub that you can use throughout your yard. Here are a few gorgeous ways you can use this shrub all around your gardens:

  • Privacy hedge: The privet plant can reach up to fifteen feet once full-grown. This height is ideal for privacy protection. Install this shrub around a deck, hot tub, or pool.
  • Urban garden: Because the shrub can grow into a relatively tall hedge, it can also assist with buffering the distraction of street noise. Some use it in urban gardens or multi-family dwellings to decrease the noisy conditions.
  • Boundary-marking hedge: Delineate your property with a lovely, low hedge. You can trim this evergreen to four or five feet without damaging it.
  • Border planting: Use this wonderful evergreen in your garden border, trimming it to the perfect height. 

The Hills Privet Plant Brings Year-Round Beauty to Your Yard

The privet is lovely, with thick and bright emerald evergreen leaves. Most gardeners covet this shrub for its lovely, year-long color. Its leaves are opposing on its sturdy brown stems and a pretty oval shape.

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