Pin Oak Seedlings - 100 Plants 6-18"

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Pin Oak Seedlings

Pin Oak Seedlings: TN Nursery offers pin oak seedlings to any homeowner or landscaper who wishes to invest in a more significant number of these trees at an excellent value.

Quercus palustris, the common pin oak tree, is a deciduous shade tree in wide use across the United States. It is prevalent due to its stately size, shady canopy, and carefree and healthy nature.

The pin oak tree is a native species of North America. It comes from the densely forested areas of Canada, New England, and the northern U.S. northern. Despite originating in a cooler climate, the pin oak is heat tolerant and flourishes in the summer heat of the upper southern states and across the southern plains.

Some refer to pin oak seedlings as swamp oak and Spanish swamp oak seedlings.

Your Pin Oak Seedlings Will Quickly Become Self-Sufficient and Require Little Care

Pin oak is relatively carefree, especially if you give it a little TLC when you plant it. Find a full-sun or partial-sunshine location and give it plenty of elbow room to spread out eventually.

Provide an inch to two of water each week during the early growing seasons. It will become drought-tolerant as it grows and strengthens.

Feed the soil fertile woodsy contents like what you'd find on a forest floor. Think hardwood mulch, organic compost, shredded leaves, or a scoop of peat moss. Add a generous scoop of this material when you plant and keep it around the tree as it grows.

Your Pin Oak Seedlings Will Develop into Lovely Shade Trees

Pin oak seedlings will mature to a grand height of seventy feet and might have a trunk as big as three feet in diameter. As it gets tall, the canopy will form a somewhat rounded triangle shape but will become fuller at the top upon maturation. The bark will become gray or light brown and have a slightly red tinge.

The leaves of your pin oak seedlings will grow to inches long. They will develop an elliptic shape with five lobes. The color will be green and glossy. In the fall, they will usually present burgundy or deep red foliage.

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